Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions Head to Head Rosters

Valorant Pacific: Zeta Division vs T1; LB QF: Predictions, Head to Head, Rosters, Where to Watch - The SportsRushWe encourage you to watch and optimize your Valorant Games performance, particularly Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions-Gen. G and T1 will renew their epic rivalry during the 2023 Volleyball Club Tournament playoffs. Both have top-level coordination, boasting players that stand out amongst competitors; watching these two battle it out always proves thrilling to witness! After adding Ilya “something” Petrov to their roster in Week 3, PRX silenced all critics with his impactful presence.

Gen.G vs. Paper Rex-Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions

Valorant Pacific League teams left standing are set to battle it out in the upper bracket finals of the 2023 Valorant Pacific League, where the winner will advance into double-elimination playoffs and, eventually, Valorant Champions Tokyo.

Both teams have struggled lately and will look to break their win-loss cycle; Gen.G may be especially unlucky in recent losses, and Paper Rex may take advantage.

Both teams enjoy strong fan support and have much at stake in this match-up. Esports bookmakers currently favor DRX as 1.26 favorites over Paper Rex, who come into this match-up as 3.00 underdogs. DRX have already proven themselves throughout the regular season, while Paper Rex has shown impressive performances so far this year.

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T1 vs. PRX-Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions-Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions

VCT Pacific is one of three Valorant Champions Tour leagues worldwide and brings together some of the finest teams from Japan, Korea, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Its regular season kicks off March 25 and lasts eight weeks; each match being played as a Bo3 series matchup.

The top six teams will qualify for double-elimination playoffs, where only three will advance to Masters Tokyo and Valorant Champions 2023. Final playoff matches will feature Bo5 matches to add another layer of intensity.

OpTic Gaming and XSET were two of the most reliable teams in North America during regular season play, so their battle will determine who advances to Copenhagen Masters – Valorant’s inaugural live audience event LAN tournament.

ZETA DIVISION vs. T1-Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions

After an underwhelming start to the season, T1 has enjoyed an impressive three-win streak. Now they aim to maintain that momentum as they compete in the inaugural VCT Pacific League – ten partnered teams from across Asia compete to qualify for Masters Tokyo 2023 and Valorant Champions 2023 tournaments.

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On the opening map, Split, T1 quickly established itself with decisive retakes and clutch plays that led to its early dominance of ZETA. Their defenders coordinated seamlessly to stop ZETA’s advances while their attackers displayed impeccable teamwork to secure crucial rounds for victory.

Japan’s inaugural representative in this competition, ZETA DIVISION, is an established fan favorite following their impressive performances at previous international tournaments, such as third place at VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN Reykjavik. Unfortunately, they struggled in group stage play and must win tonight to advance into the play-offs.Watch the Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions!

Converge vs. Northport

UB has one of the finest rosters in the league and will face another impressive team tonight in an Upper Bracket semi-final matchup that could send one side to its respective final. Whoever emerges victorious will move forward into an Upper Bracket final, while any who lose will enter into a Lower Bracket final matchup.

Converge is an elite squad in the Philippine Basketball Association with some of the best players. Maverick Ahanmisi was within one point of matching his career-high as the FiberXers dismantled NorthPort by an overwhelming 122-92 margin in their opening game of the 2023 PBA Governors’ Cup at PhilSports Arena.

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In a match between Aldin Ayo, Converge’s young mentor, and NorthPort coach Boni Tan – a three-time college champion tactician now seeking to break through in the pros – this match-up pits two promising mentors against one another for the first time since last conference – both looking forward to reaching the Grand Final and looking to establish themselves within it. Both teams also boast new import players on each roster, such as NorthPort’s Marcus Weathers and Converge’s Ethan Rusbatch; NorthPort imported Marcus Weathers while Converge brought Ethan Rusbatch into their squads – two players set to debut soon enough. This will be their first meeting since last conference with both teams looking forward to reaching its Grand Final and hoping for Grand success this time around! Watch the Valorant Pacific 2023 UB Finals Predictions!

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