New Agent To Be Revealed In Valorant Champions: New Leaks

New Agent To Be Revealed In Valorant Champions
Leaks Suggest a New Agent is on the Verge of Being Announced for Valorant Champions(Image Via Moroesports).

Valorant players discovered clues about a possible new agent very quickly. On the 25th of August, an image revealing the abilities of Valorant’s latest agent, Mage, was leaked online. The first character is ‘Matter Manipulation.’ Firing a projectile that can go through walls allows players to create a temporary fence that blocks a line of sight and slows enemies down.

The second power, named ‘Flux,’ allows the player to charge and release a surge of energy. This attack damages and disorients enemies caught in its path. The third ability is known as ‘Astral Form,’ It allows the player to become invincible for a brief period and pass through walls.

The last ability, ‘Quantum Spike,’ permits the player to place a spike that not only harms but impedes enemies. It helps take down enemy skills as well. The new agent is not yet available, but it should be shortly.

New Agent To Be Revealed In Valorant Champions

Several fans were dissatisfied that no new agent was introduced in Episode 5 Act 2, particularly after the hint after Episode 5 Act 1. It appears that Riot Games has something planned for the next update.

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The Valorant new agent codenamed Mage will be able to control the fight with abilities that focus on battleground management, according to a post on the Valorant subreddit. Frostbite is one of her skills, which allows her to immobilize foes. Time stop will let her pause time for a brief period, allowing her to take advantage of combat.

The prospective new agent appears to be a game-changing talent. We’re excited to see her character in action and what she can accomplish in the game environment.

Varun Batra, codenamed ‘Mage,’ is a recently introduced character whose background suggests he may have magical abilities. If this happens, ‘Mage’ would be the first in-game agent of Indian origin. With India being a country with such rich history and culture, it’d be intriguing to see how that’s incorporated into the game. We’re also left wondering what magical abilities ‘Mage’ could have up their sleeves.

Riot Games has not released any further information about ‘Mage’ or Varun Batra, so we will have to wait and see what they reveal in the future. However, we can expect an exciting new character who brings something unique to the game. We don’t know much else about Mage at this point, but hopefully, Riot Games will provide more details soon!

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New Agent Mage

The new agent, “Mage,” seems to be a controller, as their abilities offer various utilities and support for allies. There is no confirmation from Riot Games yet, but this is thanks to the leaked abilities of the character.

One notably unique ability is “Bubble.” It looks like Gibraltar’s “Dome of Protection” ability in Apex Legends is dropping an impenetrable bubble. Most likely not coincidental, both abilities obstruct incoming and outgoing attacks.


It’s best to take these leaked abilities with a grain of salt until Riot Games confirms the specifics about Mage, Varun Batra, or these rumored capabilities. It looks similar to Gibraltar’s “Dome of Protection” ability in Apex Legends. This resemblance isn’t a coincidence, as both abilities prevent incoming and outgoing strikes.

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Riot Games has not yet confirmed the details about Mage, Varun Batra, or these leaked abilities. However, if the ability kit is anything to go by, it seems that Mage will be a controller-type agent. Controllers in Valorant typically excel in crowd control and area denial. It remains to be seen how Mage fits into the game’s current meta. Stay tuned for more updates on Valorant’s upcoming agent.

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