Valorant Leaks Indicate The Development of a New Killjoy Balance

 Valorant Killjoy Balance
18/03/2023/ Valorant Killjoy Balance / Credits – Riot Games

In the last several months, Valorant Agent Killjoy has undergone a wide range of adjustments. Having said that, a report from a well-known Twitter leaker implies that Killjoy may soon see a balance update as well. Currently, the German Sentinel Agent is located on the meta list of Agents.

Although Chamber had severe nerfs, she has established herself as a versatile option on the majority of maps. Her pick rate with Cypher has consequently grown significantly. According to recent rumours, Riot Games may be looking to make some adjustments to her kit’s balance. It’s still unknown what Killjoy’s future holds at this time.

According to recent sources, a Killjoy balance will be Valorant

A well-known data miner and leaker of Valorant information, ValorLeaks (@ValorLeaks), tweeted on March 17, 2023, that Riot Games may be working on a Killjoy balancing.

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The precise balancing modifications are currently unclear because Riot’s devs haven’t made any mention of them. This story receives a lot more credence because the majority of the previous leaks from @ValorLeaks have turned out to be accurate as well as the current condition of the Sentinels meta.

One of Valorant’s strongest Sentinel Agents at the moment is Killjoy. Her Ultimate has the power to thwart adversary plans and provide very beneficial post-plant advantages. However, the remainder of her equipment includes powerful tools like the Alarm Bot and the Sentry Turret. and the aforementioned in the aforementioned in the aforementioned in the (Nano Swarm Grenades).

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Because Chamber is no longer controlling the current meta with his arsenal, she is now a force to be reckoned with. Killjoy easily excels over Cypher with her deadly gadgets that can also gather a lot of information, even though Cypher is another adaptable Agent with a wide range of tools at her disposal.

Valorant Killjoy

With the recent reduction of the Sentry Turret’s HP (Health Point) to 100, it’s interesting to note that Riot has already attempted to balance out her kit. This made her Turret considerably less troublesome to deal with in battle and much simpler to shoot down. Despite the lack of specific information, fans might presume that Riot will begin by adjusting Killjoy’s Ultimate Lockdown.

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Lockdown is a rather potent Ultimate ability in Valorant when compared to other Sentinel kits. It may hold anybody in its area and prevent players from visiting a certain location for a set amount of time. It only can be neutralized by particular Agents’ Ultimates, such as those from Brimstone and Breach, and performs best in post-plant scenarios.

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