Valorant Error Code 59: How to fix and causes

The Valorant Error Code 59 has been a persistent problem and here is how to fix it.

Valorant Error Code 59
                                                               Valorant (image via. vcgamers.com)

There are several problems that might occur in games, and error notices are very common. These generally occur when the game is having a problem executing a certain input. Here we describe how to fix the Valorant Error Code 59 that you might face in the game.

The Error code might appear while you are trying to launch the game. There are numerous ways to combat the error as it is not that serious. An error dampens the gaming experience so its best to get it fixed as soon as possible. When trying to launch the game, you might get a text saying “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client. Error Code: 59”

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How to solve Valorant Error Code 59?

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The Valorant Error Code 59 often arises when you are trying to login into the game. It has been occurring for a lot of players right now, so you might get it as well. This is a login error, but the Riot notice does not give you any solution to that error. This error also occurs in Riot’s other titles.

This launch error can be solved simply by closing the application and restarting it once again. If Valorant does not close/freezes, you can press Alt+F4 to instantly end the program. You can also access the Valorant client from the Task Manager and close the application from there.

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However, if this issue continues, you can restart your whole PC, or reinstall Vanguard (Riot anti-cheat) or reinstall the game. If this does not fix it, then you should contact the customer support for Valorant and submit a ticket there.

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