Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 Night Market Details

Valorant Night Market
02/12/2022 | Valorant Night Market for Episode 5 Act 3 is coming soon. The last night market of the year holds a lot of expectations from players. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant will quickly welcome a new occasion of the not-pricey and thrilling Night Market as a section of Episode 5 Act 3. The famous rotating in-game save seems proper earlier than the expiry of an Act. Providing a random set of weapon skins for gamers to clutch in alternate for Valorant Points (VP).

As per the ultra-modern announcement from Riot Games. The upcoming Night Market segment will commence on December 7 and will be on hand for 4 weeks. It will mark the stop of Valorant’s long-running and eventful Episode 5. Whilst serving as a respectable welcome for a new episode and a company new year.

Episode 5 Act 3 Night Market in Valorant

The last Night Market in Valorant’s Episode 5 will show up on December 7 P.T. for North America, South America, and Europe. Proper after Riot Games conducts a quick preservation of the game’s servers for patch 5.12 to be deployed. For the Asia-Pacific region, the keep will exhibit up on December 8th. The predicted beginning time for the Night Market is 17:00 PDT / 2:00 CEST / 5:30 IST.

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With Episode 5 Act three Night Market ending on January four P.T., involved followers need to snatch any of their special discounted offers earlier than the stop date. One will be in a position to get admission to this unique shop extension by using a special icon. Which will show up as a black container with mild borders proper beside the ordinary save icon.

Each participant will get hold of a special set of weapon skins. Along with melee and gun skins, as a section of their Night Market. Upon opening the shop extension for the first time, one will get hold of six attractive animated cards. Interacting with every one of these playing cards will expose weapon pores and skin and the randomly discounted VP rate for that skin.

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Once the presents are revealed, the skins and associated reductions will stay accessible for gamers to declare till the cease of the Night Market. One can buy these objects each time earlier than the extension disappears. The fairly expected Night Market for this Act will host over forty-eight weapon collections of Select, Deluxe, and Premium Edition types. That said, the weapon skins and reductions that one receives as a section of this periodic save match are randomized.


The weapon series pool for the Night Market is up to date with each Act. For example, Episode 5 Act 3’s Night Market will host skins from the Reaver, EP. 5, and Sarmad collections for the first time.

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Recently launched collections like the Ion 2.0 (Episode 5), Abyssal, and Soulstrife will solely be part of the pool after two Acts, i.e., in Episode 6 Act 2 Collections that have been launched in Episode 5 Act 2 (Kohaku; Matsuba and Crimsonbeast) will be on hand in the Night Market from Episode 6 Act 1 onwards.

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