Valorant Battlepass Episode 7 Act 1: All Rewards listed

The Valorant Battlepass for Episode 7 Act 1 is out now and here are all the rewards that you can get.

Valorant Battlepass
Composite Skin Line (image via. Valorant)

Valorant Episode 7 has released with fans excited for the new changes. The progression system has been completely overhauled and there is a brand new agent named Deadlock. There is also a brand new Valorant Battlepass in Episode 7 that contains brand new items and skins.

Valorant Battlepasses always contain brand new skins for weapons, emotes, gun buddies, player cards, and knifes. Players can buy the battlepass, but for players who are not looking forward to spending money, it also has some free options. The free items are less but you might look forward to having some of them.

Valorant Battlepass Episode 7 Act 1

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Every Act of Valorant has a separate Battle Pass. These are changed every 2 months and each Battlepass has several tiers. Players can earn battle pass XP in order to unlock newer tiers. With the new progression system, players can earn Kingdom Credits alongside Battlepass XP by playing games.

Here are the rewards that players can get from the battle pass:

  • Blush Weapon Skin Line
  • Composite Weapon Skin Line
  • Digihex Weapon Skin Line
  • 10 gun Buddies
  • 12 Player cards
  • 15 Sprays

Among these there are a few goodies that come completely free. These are:

  • Boom Bot Schema player card
  • Episode 7 Act 1 gun buddy
  • Thirsty and Chef Title
  • No Credit Spray
  • Mind The Drop player card
  • Box Hijinks spray
  • Robotic Companion Gun buddy
  • Digihex Ghost Weapon Skin and Golden Hour Player card
  • Golden Penguin Surprise gun buddy and Golden “Tactical Road Crossing” player card
  • Radianite Points
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Players can buy the Battlepass for around 800 VP, which costs real money to guy from the game store.

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