Top 10 Characters in Free Fire in 2021

Are you unable to select the best character in the free fire? If Yes then given below is a list of the top 10 characters that you select according to your gameplay.

Free Fire
Free Fire

Characters are the most integral part of Free Fire. The game has a vast collection of Free Fire characters that play a major role by assisting players on the battleground. There are a total of 39 characters in Free Fire that possess unique abilities except for Nulla and Primis. Also, selecting the right character in the game is very crucial. So, this article enlists the Top 10 Characters in Free Fire in 2021.

Top 10 Characters in Free Fire in 2021

Top 10 Characters in Free Fire
Top 10 Characters in Free Fire

Free Fire offers a big pool of Characters to choose from. Thus, picking up the right character aids the player to play the game more effectively. Given below is a list of the Top 10 characters that you select according to your gameplay.

  1. DJ Alok

DJ Alok’s remarkable ability- Drop the beat creates a 5m aura. This boosts ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. Using a character level-up card, this ability increases to level 6. At max level, it boosts up ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5HP for 10 seconds.

  1. Skyler

Riptide Rhythm“ is Skyler’s ability. This ability unleashes a sonic wave that damages five gloo walls within a radius of 50m. Each gloo wall deployed will boost the player’s HP recovery, beginning from 4 points.

However, this skill has a cooldown of 60 seconds. At the max level, the radius increases to 100 meters. Besides, the HP recovery also boosts to 9 points. Also, the cooldown duration lessens by 40.

  1. Chrono

Chrono has an active ability called “Time-Turner”.  This ability develops a force field around the character that blocks up to 600 points of damage from enemies. However, what’s fascinating about Chrono is that his skill allows players to fire at rivals while being inside the force field.

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Furthermore, the player’s and his teammate’s movement speed gets a boost of 15% and 10%,  respectively. Although, the effect of this ability will remain for 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 50 seconds. At max level, movement speed boosts by 15% and 10%. The effect lasts for 9 seconds and has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

  1. Wukong

Wukong possesses an active ability called “Camouflage”. At the initial level, this ability allows the player to convert into the brush for 10 seconds. Besides, the character has a CD of 300 seconds. Further, this transformation of Wukong halts when he fights with the enemy.

But after killing the enemy, the CD gets restored. At the highest speed, transition time boosts by 15 seconds and, CD reduces to 200 seconds.

  1. Hayato

Hayato has a special ability called Bushido. This ability enables him to boost the armour penetration by 7.5%, with a 10% decrease in maximum HP. There are a total of 8 levels of this character. The skill increases with each level. Also, there is a 10% increase in armour penetration and a 10% decrease in the maximum HP at the optimum level.

  1. K ( Captain Booyah)

K is a jiu-jitsu expert and a professor. He has an active ability called “Master of all”. This is the most unique ability in Free Fire. His ability helps him to boost his EP by 50. His allies within 6m receive a 500% boost in EP conversion in the jiu-jitsu mode whereas he can recover 2 EP every 3 seconds. At max, the character can recover EP every 2 seconds with 150 EP.

  1. Shirou

Shirou has a passive ability called “Damage Delivered”. This ability helps him in marking the enemy for 6 seconds who attacks him within the range of 80m. The marking will only be visible to a player, not the teammates.

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The first shot does 50% additional armor penetration on an enemy and a cool-down time of 35 seconds. At the highest level, Damage Delivery will do 100% additional armor penetration and a cool downtime of 20 seconds.

  1. Steffie

Steffie has a special active skill called Painted Refugee. This skill enables her to create graffiti around her and her teammates. Thus, this helps the allies to take less damage from rivals.

Moreover, at the base level, she produces graffiti which lessens damage by 15%. She has a cooldown of 45 seconds. Further, at max level, her ability enables her to decrease the explosive damage by 25% and bullet damage for 10 seconds.

  1. Laura

Laura possesses a passive ability called Sharpshooter. At the base level, this skill helps her to increase the weapon accuracy by 10 she scoped in. Moreover, as the level increases, the weapon accuracy increases by 30 when scoped in.

  1. Jota

Jota has a passive ability called “Sustained Raids“. Also, he is a parkour specialist and stuntman. This skill helps him to restore 25 HP with a cooldown of just 5 seconds. Further, at max level, he can recover 40HP with a shotgun or SMG. Moreover, he is one of the most advantageous players in the Clash Squad mode.

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Who is the Most Popular in Top 10 Characters in Free Fire 2021 from the List?

Free Fire
Free Fire

DK Alok is one of the best and the most popular character in Free Fire.

  • His ability called “Drop the beat” develops a 5m aura. This boosts ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds.
  • He allows the player to reach the safe zone by providing extra HPs. Thus, it helps them to escape from the blue zone.
  • This character has the ability of healing and sprinting simultaneously. Therefore, his ability boosts both movement speed and HP during running and moving.

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