New Super People Battle Royale: Initial Thoughts and Review

Super People Battle Royale
Super People Battle Royale

Do you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Battle Royales? Do you feel Apex legends, Fortnite, Warzone and Pubg is probably as crazy as it can get? Well, Super People has just come into the market jumping out of a window with an explosion to knock your socks off. And get you hooked to yet another new concept. Developed by Wonder People, a Korean organization, Super people combines everything you know about BRs with some crazy concepts you have never heard of, in a spectacular fashion.

Super People Battle Royale: First Thoughts

At first glance, the game looks like an amalgamation of PUBG, Apex Legends, Warzone, and Ring of Elysium. But after a couple of games in you realize there is soo much more to it. It blends in a more polished version of PUBG’s movement and gunplay with a completely wacky ability system like Apex, and running movements similar to a warzone. But don’t get confused here, it still feels fresh and unique, while being able to introduce some of its own elements too.

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Initial Review

After putting in a couple of hours myself, I can say the game feels polished, fast-paced, and all in all provides a very good overall experience, enough to make you wanna put a couple of hundred hours in with your friends.

The unique ability system in the game makes all the difference. You can practically run like the Flash, blackout enemies, dash through buildings and doors, teleport to places, drop a Nuke. Or if you’re having a bad day you can just wing a totally broken minigun that shoots molotovs for bullets.

Super People Battle Royale
Credit: Steam

The guns are balanced, ranging from a good mix of realistic and imaginary weapons, and the gunplay, in general, feels adept. The loot spawning is good. It has a well-thought-out crafting system with a really satisfying crafting animation. And crafting materials are easily available around the map.

What makes Super People really interesting to me is the size of the ring is based on the number of players in the lobby, so it eliminates a lot of boring elements of BR where you just run around the map looking for people, the leaning mechanics don’t feel clunky, which is something a lot of games tend to get wrong. Even in BETA, the game feels smooth, fun to play, and has zero to few bugs or glitches.

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Is it the next Big Battle Royale?

A lot of exciting projects have come up in the past, raised a similar question, and disappeared. It is so much harder to compete when all the Big Battle Royales are funded by industry giants. So we will have to see, but the game is hitting all the right notes to popularity as streaming giants like Shroud, itzTimmy and Timthetatman seem to be playing and enjoying it in their streams. Moreover, Super people appear to have got a lot of things right and have their own unique identity. With the player base for BRs Exponentialising and one of the biggest Battle Royales PUBG, falling out of place. ‘Super people’ can make a space and follow for itself in an already over-competitive market.

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