Smokes in Valorant : Duration and Steps To Use

Smokes are one of the key factors of Valorant. Read this article to know about agents who can smoke and make covers for their team.

Smokes in Valorant
Omen Smokes

Smokes in Valorant are of major use. Smokes can be used to make entry into the spike planting area. Read this article till the end to know the details of the duration and Steps to use smoke.

Valorant is a five vs five multiplayer character-based games. Each team can select its agents before the match starts. each agent has its own unique ability. the game consists of two teams fighting with each other to win more rounds. The team with 13 round victories wins the match.

Attackers have to plant the spike whereas defenders try to kill and stop them by entering the planting site. If the attackers plant the spike, defenders can kill all attackers and defuse the spike to win around.

What is The Duration of Smokes in Valorant 

Smokes in Valorant
Jett Smokes

The smokes in Valorant were available with 3 main agents earlier. As Astra has arrived there is a new addition in the agents. Now the agents are Omen, Brimstone, Astra, and Jett. Furthermore, the duration of Smokes of different agents differs. The type of smoke also differs a lot.

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The durability of Omen’s Smoke: Omen’s smoke is the longest smoke in the game. It can smoke anywhere on the map. It’s the duration in 15 seconds. Smokes are the signature ability of omen hence it is renewed every 35 seconds. Also, you can get 1 smoke after a period of 35 seconds.

The durability of Brimstone’s smoke: Brimstone can smoke anywhere on the map. It lasts 19.25 seconds. Brimstone can have 3 clouds of smoke in a single round.

The durability of Jett’s Smoke: Jett has got the shortest smoke among the other agents. Being a duelist Jett can still have 3 short clouds of smoke around. Earlier, Jett’s Smoke was of 7 seconds but now it is decreased to 4 seconds. Unlike other agents, she can not smoke anywhere on the map from any end. 

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The durability of Astra’s Smoke: Astra can use her Astral form and can place them anywhere on the map. Then, she can use them to form a Nebula which is a kind of smoke. The smoke lasts for 15 seconds.

How to Use Smokes of All Agents?

Duration of Smokes

Omen: Omen the dark agent has got the best smoke in the game. Its smoke can be used using the key E. The smokes of omen in Valorant can travel through the walls. The smoke of omen can be done underground or high in the sky too. Now, make sure that you do it at the perfect level. Unlike brimstone, omen can smoke the opposite of a map too.

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Brimstone: Press the E button on your keyboard. A tab will be opened on Brimstone’s Hand. In the tab, there will be a certain amount of map given. Further, choose your places to smoke then right-click on your mouse on the place. Now, left-click your mouse button. Your smokes will be applied. You can use all the smokes at a time too. 

Jett: Place a crosshair wherever you want to smoke. Then, press C. Where there was crosshair, the smoke will be there. This can be used for planting the spike only as it is too small.

Astra: She can use her Nebula which is a form of smokes by placing her astral stars anywhere on the map. Moreover, players need to place them by pressing E and for activating press F.


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