Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication: Why 2FA?

Know everything you need to know about the 2 factor authentication in Rocket League. Reasons for why you need 2FA in Rocket League and how to do it.

2FA Rocket League
2FA Rocket League

Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication: Rocket League has developed a lot during the past few years. With a user base of 90 million, the game has been giving tough competition to other Epic Games. The trading feature of the Rocket League was added in 2016, and it requires Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication. Not only this, but there are quite a lot of uses after you enable 2FA in Rocket League.

However, players can find it difficult sometimes to enable their 2FA. It can also happen that you forget your 2FA password. What if your 2 Factor Authentication is not working? Finally, how can you enable it on different platforms? Read until the end to find out more about 2 Factor Authentication feature of Rocket League.

How do you Turn On 2FA in Rocket League?

Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication
Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication

First of all, 2FA is an added security layer that helps you ensure that you are using your account. 2 Factor Authentication is a security feature to ensure you’re the one using it. It also has the following uses:

1. Security Feature:

It adds another layer of security to your account. So, if someone hacks your account, they still wouldn’t access other features unless they can also hack the 2FA password.

2. Competitive:

Almost all competitive (& Esports) games have made it mandatory to have a 2FA before participation.

3. Gifts & Trading:

With this feature, you can gift stuff to your friends and trade with them simultaneously.

However, to turn on/enable it, you’ll need to follow a few steps. You can do this in multiple ways, i.e., from an application, SMS, or email. Before you do this, make sure that your Epic Games account has a verified email address and/or phone number. Follow the steps below to do it on your own:

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Step-1: Open Epic Games Store on your PC or browser. (Make sure you’re signed in to your Epic Games account)

Step-2: On the top right corner of the screen, click on your Profile. Choose ‘Account‘ from the list.

Step-3: Choose the fifth option i.e. ‘Password & Security‘.

Step-4: Scroll down until you see Your Password. It would be best if you reached 2FA for your account below it.

Step-5: Select the option most viable for you here.

Note: The fastest way of doing it is using the SMS option. This is what we highly recommend for a quick process. The Email verification might be slower and not preferred chiefly.

You can also read our compact guide to help you get an overview of enabling 2FA in the Rocket League.

A quick and easy demonstration of enabling 2FA in Rocket League:

What do I do if I Forgot my Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication?

Sometimes you may forget your Two Factor Authentication. In such a case, follow the above steps until Step-4.  After this, disable whichever option you had for your 2 Factor Authentication.

Remember, you’ll have to disable the option that you opted for when you enabled it. For instance, if you opt for SMS Authentication, disable SMS Authentication. After this, you’ll see a message pop-up saying ‘You’ve successfully removed‘ 2FA.

Do you have to enable 2FA to Trade in Rocket League?

Rocket League
Rocket League

We also mentioned earlier that you’d need to have 2FA to trade in Rocket League. It is a security feature and is necessary. After all, having extra security is just going to help you. It is also to ensure that no one takes advantage of having access to your account. To trade, you can also use a Rocket League Trading Website.

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Unfortunately, Epic Games made it mandatory for all Rocket League users to enable 2 Factor Authentication to trade. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. You’ll have better control over your account after it.

Can Steam and Epic Games Trade Rocket League?

The simplistic way to answer the question is yes and no. Cross-Platform Trading is possible, according to Rocket League. While playing on a Nintendo Switch, you can trade with a player on a PC.

Remember to select the ‘Play on the Same Platform’ option before you trade. If you don’t select it, you won’t invite the player to trade with you. Unfortunately, there is very little info regarding the Epic Games and Steam account trading. You can, however, take a look at this Reddit Post on the same.

Rocket League 2 Factor Authentication not working: Why Does it Not Work?

About this, Rocket League was also mentioned in an article 4 months ago. Epic Games had an issue regarding 2 Factor Authentication. Players were signed up for 2FA and still not able to trade in Rocket League.

However, Epic has also confirmed that they’ll look into the issue soon. The Issue has probably been resolved by now. Try doing a re-verification following the same procedure we stated above. If you are still facing trouble with the same, you can contact Epic Games Support.

How do I Enable 2FA on PS4?

To enable 2FA on PS4, follow the steps below(Make sure you’re logged in to your PSN Account):

Step-1: Select Settings -> Users and Account

Step-2: Go to Account->Security->2 Step-Verification

Step-3: Choose ‘Activate

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Step-4: Pick either Text Message or Authenticator App for Verification.


Why is 2-factor authentication required in Rocket League?

You need to enable 2FA in Rocket League since it is mandatory for all Epic Games. You also have better security with the feature. So, it is a win-win.

Is Rocket League moving to Epic Games?

It is made official by Rocket League that it will be moving to the Epic Games Store. Hence, from now on, we will see Rocket League as a part of Epic Games.

How can I get a verification code without a phone?

You can either sign up for an online service to receive SMS without a phone. Or, you can do it with the Email Verification of 2FA.

Can you get Rocket League credits for free?

Unfortunately, there’s no freeway. Most websites out there are either a scam or not working. What you can do is use a trading website to trade your items for Credits.

Will Rocket League be Free Permanently?

Yes, Psyonix Rocket League officially announced that they are going Free-to-Play on all platforms(Sept 2020). If they, however, decide to change their policy, we might see charges on the game.

Is Rocket League for free on PS4?

Yes, Rocket League, as mentioned before, is freely available on all platforms.

Do you need 2FA to trade on RL?

We have also mentioned here in our guide that you’ll need 2FA to trade within Rocket League. It is not possible to trade without it.

For more updates and news of the Rocket League, make sure to keep updated with us.

You can also check all the Patch notes of V 2.0.0 of Rocket League by Psyonix here.

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