PUBG New State Pro Series Grand Finals Day 2: Overall Standings, Highlights, and More

PUBG New State Pro Series
30/01/2023/ PUBG New State Pro Series Overall Standings / Credits – esl India

The first significant competition for PUBG in India, the New State Pro Series, saw Team XO triumph without a doubt. The team, which included seasoned BGMI players Fierce, Punk, Sarang, and Pukar, put up spellbinding performances over the course of the two-day Grand Finale and finished with 96 points after 12 games. The winning prize fund of INR 21 lakhs went to them.

GodLike Esports put in a fantastic performance in the Finale but came up just three points short, taking second place. The winning team brought home INR 15 lakhs in prize money, while Reflexxer, their standout athlete, won MVP honors and INR 3.20 lakh in cash.

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Receiving INR 12 lakhs for finishing third was Reckoning. Team XSpark battled to finish 16th with only 32 points, while Team S8UL finished eighth with 68 points and 49 eliminations.

PUBG New State Pro Series Overall Standings


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PUBG New State Pro Series Grand Finale Highlights

In the opening game of Day 2, Raiden’s outstanding performance helped Wanted Gaming to a spectacular 13-kill win. The squad struggled in their first six games, but with 23 points, they had some success. Big Brother, Chemin, and Reckoning each scored eleven, ten, and eight points.

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With seven eliminations, Team NexGen won their second match. Reckoning and Team Tamilas both put out forceful efforts, scoring 14 and 12 points, respectively.

After losing their first two games, GodLike made a spectacular comeback and won their first Chicken Dinner with 13 frags. Team XO’s performance in the third game was also a factor in Team S8UL and Team Tamilas’ strong performances, which saw them score 11 and 9 points, respectively.

A nine-kill Chicken Dinner was won by Reckoning Esports thanks to another great effort. Team Tamilas improved by 10 points as they kept up their steady performance. While picking up eight eliminations and no placement points, Team XO gained momentum.

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Wanted Gaming accepted an 11-kill Chicken Dinner and came up with another fantastic result. Team XO scored seven points, while Big Brother and Hyderabad Hydras scored 11 and 10 points, respectively. GodLike Esports had a lackluster run, scoring just one point.

After winning the last match of the PUBG New State Pro Series, GodLike moved up to second place overall. Additionally, Reckoning Esports played well.

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