Pokemon Unite Lucario Build: Held items, Abilities, and Movesets Tips

Pokemon Unite Lucario Build
Pokemon Unite Lucario Build: Held items, Abilities, and Movesets Tips

Pokemon Unite Lucario Build Guide: Lucario’s evaluation (strong points, weak points) and belongings and skill composition of Pokemon Unite recommendation post. Furthermore,  Pokemon Unite Lucario’s turnaround (how to use), countermeasures, acquisition methods, prices, status, etc. are going to explain in this post.

Pokemon Unite Lucario Build Guide

You can purchase Lucario like any other pokemon in the game by purchasing from the store. Lucario is available at the Unite Battle Secretariat. The price is 10,000 Eos coins or 575 gems. Furthermore, 2 out of 4 Hollow Ears are also available in the pokemon Unites stores. The other two are special exclusive Flowers and that’s why they are not available anymore. 

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Best Route for Lucario 

Taking advantage of the extremely high performance in the early stages, it is easy to advance the battle with the opponent and the scramble for wild Pokemon in an advantageous way. We recommend the upper route for Pokemon Unite Lucario when you want to make it easier to collect “more dumbbells” because it is easier to score goals.

The lower route has more experience points that can be obtain from wild Pokemon than the upper route. So if you place importance on the acquire experience points, the lower route is better for you.

You can reach level 5 earliest and learn “Shinsoku” or “Glow Punch”. However, Lucario has very high performance in the early stages, and the suitability for the upper and lower routes is high. If there is an ally with low performance in the early stages, give it up as much as possible.

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Best Held Items for Lucario in Pokemon Unite

Sharp Claws is ideal for strengthening the rotary kick immediately after Fix Anything. Dumbbells are very compatible because you can aim for the goal by taking advantage of the high performance in the early stages. Jakutenhoken is also good at close combat, so it goes well with it.

Techniques Recommandation for Lucario

“Shinsoku” can be reused as soon as it hits a Pokemon with a blue circle at its feet. Since it is very powerful in group battles, we recommend “Shinsoku” for purpose 1. Move 2 is very useful for pursuit and escape, and we recommend “Bone Rush” for Pokemon Unite Lucario, which allows the circle to reappear.

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Final Thought

Lucario’s “Bone Rush” is versatile and difficult to use. In addition, “Shinsoku” needs to aim firmly at Pokemon with blue circles appearing at its feet. It is a Pokemon for advanced players with high operation difficulty.

“Shinsoku” is a rush attack that can be reused by hitting a Pokemon with a blue circle at your feet. Very powerful because it can be used many times in group battles against multiple Pokemon.

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