5 Best Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With for Beginners

Pokemon Unite Licenses
Top 5 Best Pokemon Unite Licence to Start With for Beginners (2022)

This is a summary of recommended Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With (recommended characters) for beginners in Pokemon Unite (Pokeyuna). Introducing the standards of recommended Pokemon for beginners and recommended Pokemon for each type. Please use it as a reference when you are wondering which Pokemon unite license to buy.

How to Choose the Best Pokemon Unite Licence to Start with for Beginners? 

#01. Simple Operation

The condition of Pokemon recommended for beginners is that the operation is simple. As you get used to it, you don’t have to concentrate on the operation, so you can afford to grasp the situation on the entire map.

#02. Easy to Hit

You can’t KO your opponent’s Pokemon without hitting it. In particular, the ease of applying powerful UNITE moves is important. Pikachu, which can surely hit the opponent with Unite’s work, is a Pokemon suitable for beginners.

#03. Easy to Play 

Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With, For beginners who are unfamiliar with the operation, we also recommend Pokemon, which is easy to play a role. For example, Watashiraga has a wide range of effects, so it is easy to recover HP and give shields to allies, and it is easy to support allies.

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Top 5 Best Pokemon Untie License for Beginners

Then, Charizard Pokemon
Charizard Pokemon Build And Moveset

#01. Charizard

Charizard has simple and easy-to-use tricks. In particular, “Kenosha” and “Daimonji” are very easy to use because they can be moved while in use. “Daimonji” is a long-range attack with high sabotage performance. 

Unite moves do a lot of damage, and after use, the ability to continue the battle is greatly increased for about 7 seconds. Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With is easy to play an active part in group battles by making use of “Daimonji” and Unite’s work.

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Venusaur pokemon unite
Venusaur pokemon unite

#02. Venusaur

Venusaur can get damage reduction effects while recovering HP with “Giga Drain”. It has higher durability than other attack types and is less likely to be KO’d. Venusaur can greatly increase its movement speed for about 5 seconds with “Hanabira no Mai”. 

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It is easy to chase the person who runs away, and it is easy to run away from the person who is chasing. Venusaur is quite powerful and easy to use, so if you’re having difficulty using a pokemon then just go for Venusaur beast this is the Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With. 

pokemon Unite pikachu
Top 5 Best Pokemon Unite Licence to Start With

#03. Pikachu

Most of Pikachu’s moves are mid-range attacks or wide-range attacks. Recommended because even beginners can easily hit the opponent and cause damage. Pikachu has abundant means to make the target paralyzed and incapacitated. 

Even beginners can easily KO by catching the opponent who runs away with reduced HP. Pikachu is quite strong, especially against some counter types of pokemon. It becomes deadlier when you are fighting with a high HP pokemon. 

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then, Alolan Ninetales Bug Fix On 16 November - Pokemon Unite
Alolan Ninetales Bug Fix

#04. Alola Ninetales

The next pokemon on the list of Pokemon Unite Licenses to Start With is Alola Ninetaels. Alola Ninetales does not have the tricks that require difficult operations. The operation difficulty is very low, and even beginners can use it immediately. The main role of the attack type in the team is to damage from a long distance. In addition, Arora Ninetales can support allies by making them incapacitated or incapacitated.

Blastoise Pokemon UNITE

#05. Blastoise

Since Kamex is a defense type, it has high durability and is difficult to KO even for beginners. In addition, the damage of “Kousoku Spin” + “Shiofuki” is high, and it is easy to cause damage. Kamex has the effect of disabling obstruction during “Naminori” and “Kousoku Spin”. Therefore, it is difficult to be incapacitated by the other party’s obstruction.

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