PMPL Thailand Season 3: Teams, Schedule, Format & More

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PMPL Thailand - Season 3
PMPL Thailand – Season 3

Tencent revealed all information ofย  PMPL Thailand Season 3 today, including format, prize pool, schedule of the event. PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Season 3 is a professional league of PUBG Mobile for players of Thailand. Top professional and semi-professional teams will be participating in the event.

PMPL Thailand Season 3: Teams

PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Season 3 contains 20 teams where 16 teams are joining as invited teams from the Second season of PMPL Thailand. Top 4 teams from PUBG Mobile Club Open Thailand 2021: Spring split joined the battle of PMPL Thailand Season 3.

Let’s take a look on the participants of PMPL Thailand Season 3

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Invited teams from PMPL Thailand Season 2

  • POWER888 KPS
  • FaZe Clan
  • Made in Thailand
  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • Valdus The Murder
  • Magic Esport
  • The Infinity
  • MS Chonburi
  • Purple Mood E-Sport
  • Bacon Time
  • King of Gamers Club
  • Team Flash
  • Secret Jin
  • SharpeR Esport
  • The Myth Esport
  • Onyx Esport

Top 4 teams from PMCO Thailand 2021 Spring

  • QConfirm
  • Afterglow Gaming
  • E29 Esports Gaming
  • Clutch Gamers

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PMPL Thailand Season 3: Group Draw

Group Draw - PMPL Thailand Season 3
Group Draw – PMPL Thailand Season 3

Schedule and Format

PMPL Thailand Season 3 will be starting from 24th March, 2021. It will be a four weeks long competition where 20 teams will compete for the glory. PMPL Thailand Season 3 is divided into two parts. First is a regular-season which will take place from 24th March, 2021 to 11th April 2021.

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There will be three weeks of competition in the regular season where each week contains five matchdays (Wednesday to Sunday). The first three days of each week will be weekdays, where 20 teams will battle to secure a spot in the Super weekend. Each week contains 2 matchdays of Superweekend. After three weeks of play, the Top 16 teams on basis of Superweekend points will proceed further.

Season 3 Finals of PMPL Thailand will be held 23-25 April, 2021 where the top 16 teams from the regular season will participate for the crown.


PMPL Thailand Season 3: Where to Watch?

All matches of PMPL Thailand Season 3 will be broadcasted live for fans all around the world. PMPL Thailand Season 3 matches will be live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook, NIMOTV, WeTV.

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