PMPL Arabia Super Weekend 1 Day 2: Summary and Overall Standings

Read further to this article for the complete details regarding the PMPL Arabia Season 1 Super Weekend 1 Day 2 summary and overall standings.

PMPL Arabia Super Weekend 1 Day 2
PMPL Arabia Super Weekend 1 Day 2

PMPL Arabia Super Weekend 1 Day 2 : Summary and Overall Standings: PMPL (PUBG Mobile Pro League) is a professional tournament featuring PUBG Mobile competition amongst all the regions. Moreover, the first season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia had started on May 17 and the top 16 teams from the first week had qualified for the Super Weekend 1.

Day 2 of the PMPL Arabia Super weekend 1 had commenced earlier today, and Falcons Esports had showcased consistency and reigned the leader board with 137 total points on the second day as well. Moreover, Gunz Esports followed them at the second position and RICO Infinity team managed to hold the third spot.

Moreover, Zombies Esport, the RICO Infinity team,  and Gunz Esports managed to carry out the victories on day 2.

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Here is the Summary of All the Matches of PMPL Arabia Super Weekend 1 Day 1:

The first match of day 2 was played on the fields of erangel where Zombies Esports carried out the chicken dinner with 17 kills. RTG Esports and Ikurd Esports followed the second and third positions with 7 kills each.

Furthermore, the second match had dominated by RICO Infinity team on the classy large desert map of Miramar. RICO Infinity team had showcased exceptional gameplay and managed to carry out 11 whopping kills.

In the third match, Zombies Esports had again dominated the classy map of Sanhok and grabbed their second win of day. They had carried out 12 frags and were followed by RICO Infinity team at the second spot with 12 kills.

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The fourth match was again named upon RICO Infinity team with total of 28 points and 13 kills. Sudor Esports finished at the second position with 5 kills and Ikurd Esports placed at the third spot with 7 kills.

The fifth and the final match of the day had dominated by GUNZ Esports on the fields of Erangel with 12 kills. Ikurd esports had followed them at the second position with 5 frags respectively.

Here are the Overall Standings of the PMPL Arabia Season 1 Super Weekend 1 Day 2:

  1. Falcons Esports – 137 Points
  2. GUNZ ESPORT – 127  Points
  3. Rico Infinity Team – 117 Points
  4. ALPHA Legends – 114 Points
  5. Zombies Esports – 109 Points
  6. NASR Esports – 86  Points
  7. iKURD E-SPORTS – 78 Points
  8. Road To Glory Esports –  78 Points
  9. RAAD Esports – 64 Points
  10. YaLLa Esports  – 51 Points
  11. Sudor Esports -50 Points
  12. HOTLINE Esports – 40 Points
  13. ARAB GSG –  38 Points
  14. Real Tiger9 – 36 Points
  15. SCYTES Esports  – 35 Points
  16. Flare Loyal Team – 33 Points
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