Participate in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup to Win the New Hazy Dreambeats Bundle

Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4 will be starting soon and here is a list of all the rules, schedule and rewards.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup
Galaxy Cup rewards (image via. Fortnite)

Fortnite is in a very happening phase right now, with new events and updates. A new tournament is also brewing, and players can get some exclusive items from them. You can participate in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup which will be held soon in order to get exclusive cosmetics.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup will be a brand new event in the game, where everyone can take part. This is a community event where all players including mobile, consoles, and PC gamers, can take part and win some unique cosmetics. This is a returning event which happens once a year, so players can expect to see it coming back again. This time players can expect to get two separate cosmetics which might get added to the game Store in the future.

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Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4: How to win the Hazy Dreambeats Bundle?

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The Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4 will be starting from July 29, 2023, and will feature two separate occassions. For Android players, the tournament will be on 29 July, and for every other user, it will be scheduled on 30 July, 2023.

If you want to participate you need to have an Account level of 15 or above, and be ranked at Bronze 1 or above in Ranked Zero Build Mode. Any player fulfilling these criteria will be eligible for the tournament. Now we move on to the format and scoring system.

The format will only be for Solo Zero Build mode, so you have to drop down alone if you want to have a shot at the rewards. The tournament will be held everyday for 2 hours each, and will include a total of 7 matches. Players need to earn points through eliminations, standings, and additional objectives in the game. You will be getting increasing points based on your standings, with a Victory Royale having a total of 30 points.

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Moreover, every elimination counts as 1 point. Other than these, players can also open vaults and capture a rifting-in to get additional points.

What can you get?

Players participating will get a chance to obtain awesome exclusive cosmetics. The Hazy Dreambeats Set is the main reward, with several other set cosmetics also being rewarded. All the players participating will get the Encore Crossfade and Cosmic Crossfade Outfit in a future patch.

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Players stand to earn the following:

  • Galaxy Crossfade Outfit
  • Reactive Crossfade Equalizer Back Bling
  • Spinback Slicer Pickaxe
  • BPM Breakdown Emote
  • Crossfade’s Galaxy Wrap
  • House Cat Spray

For a rundown of the official rules, visit Fortnite’s official Rule page for the event.

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