New Job Ad by Riot Games hints at Valorant PS5 Beta PlayTesting

The Valorant PS5 Play Test Beta is currently ongoing and is great news for console players.

Valorant PS5
Valorant (image via. polygon.com)

Riot Games generally keeps things under wraps pretty well, so players do not get any early leaks. Valorant has recently received some great updates where a new champion has been revealed along with new changes to its gameplay. Players have been speculating a  Valorant PS5 Beta release now after a new job posts by Riot.

Valorant is a free-to-play FPS shooter currently available on only PCs. However, there had been several reveals about Valorant coming to consoles as well. This news is amazing as other popular shooter games like Fortnite also have crossplay between consoles and PC. However, console Valorant might be closer than you think.

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Valorant PS5 Beta Play Test: Job Ad confirms Valorant on PS5

YouTube: FredChicken

On their official site, Riot Games have released Job Ad with the description being “Associate Console Playtest Analyst – Valorant”. This hiring process is available in locations like Los Angeles, and Bellevue, USA, with the desired qualifications being a professional console FPS player. The goal of this test will be to “Provide evidence-based feedback to show whether upcoming changes accomplish their specific goals or not.”

This job advertisement asks for candidates with previous professional consoles FPS experience, along with a rank Immortal or higher in Valorant. The necessity of a play test confirms fan theories about Valorant’s release on consoles. It was previously confirmed that development on this field was underway, but a playtest means the release is quite near.

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Riot will most probably be hiring Play testers and roll out the game once it is properly optimized and troubleshooted for consoles. Additional challenges like aiming with a controller will also need to be addressed. There is still a lot of work to be done, but at least console players can rest assured that Valorant might release on consoles by late 2024 or 2025.

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