New Epic Games Headquarters: Check the Locations

Epic Games New Headquarter
Epic Games New Headquarter

Epic Games, the developer of many renowned games, including Fortnite, have decided to shift to their New Headquarters. The company has proceeded to purchase a shopping mall called the Cary Towne Center. It is spread across 980000 square feet in Cary of North Carolina.

Epic Games moved to Cary, North Carolina, back in 1999 after initially operating from founder Tim Sweeney’s paternal house in Potomac, Maryland. Epic Games headquarters’ new location is at a distance of three miles from their current headquarters at Crossroads Boulevard in Cary.

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Epic Games was founded in 1991 as Potomac Computer Systems by a passionate young engineering student Tim Sweeney. After initial struggles and eventual success, the company was renamed Epic Games in 1999 and shifted its operations to Cary’s current location. Epic Games have several commercially successful products on their list, but the battle royale game Fortnite took the company to another level.

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new headquarters for epic games
Cary Towne Center mall, North Carolina

Fortnite was launched back in 2017 by Epic Games to enter the exponentially growing and commercially profitable battle royale segment. Shortly after its launch, Fortnite became greatly popular in the gaming community. It has largely contributed to the fame and revenue of Epic Games. Epic Games today is a great commercial success. It was valued at $17.3 billion as of August 2020.

New Headquarters Shifting Duration

Epic Games will shift to its new headquarters in 2024. According to their requirements, the company has redevelopment and refurbishing plans that will take around three years to customize the recently acquired place. Epic Games released a statement that the new headquarters will include office space along with a recreational area. Some of the areas will also be shared with the local community for use. The operations will continue from the current headquarters at Crossroads Boulevard until the new project is completed.

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