NAVI Faces Controversy at VALORANT Champions 2023

NAVI Valorant Champions 2023
09/08/2023 | NAVI Faces Controversy at VALORANT Champions 2023 | Credits: Twitch

After facing a defeat against DRX at the VALORANT Champions 2023 tournament. NAVI is determined to make a comeback and secure a win that will push them into the playoffs. However, amidst their efforts, a small controversy emerged. Capturing attention on social media. The team’s head coach, Erik β€œd00mbr0s” Sandgren, disclosed that NAVI’s roster faced penalties during the first map of the series due to the use of a banned substance on stage.

Controversy Unfolds

The controversy began when Erik β€œd00mbr0s” Sandgren shared a tweet. Which has since been deleted. In the tweet, the 28-year-old coach revealed that NAVI had one of their timeouts revoked because a player was caught using Snus on stage. During the broadcast, Kyrylo β€œANGE1” Karasov, the in-game leader and a seasoned player. Was seen placing a small pouch of Snus in his upper lip, resulting in prompt intervention from Riot Games officials.

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The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) has a specific ruleset that outlines what items are allowed on stage during matches. According to the 2023 VCT rules, only drinks contained in league-approved resealable containers are permitted. Chewing gum is also allowed in the designated match area. However, substances like food, tobacco, and other nicotine-based products are strictly prohibited.

Understanding Snus and Its Use

Snus is a form of moist smokeless tobacco that comes in small pouches similar to tea bags. Users typically place these pouches under their upper lip to consume the tobacco. Unlike traditional dipping tobacco common in the United States, snus doesn’t require the user to spit out the product, making it a discreet and convenient way to consume tobacco.

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Implications and Learning

This incident shed light on the importance of adhering to tournament rules and regulations. The use of banned substances, even inadvertently, can lead to penalties that affect a team’s performance. NAVI’s situation highlights the need for players, coaches, and teams to be well-versed in the rules of the competition they are participating in.

As NAVI strives to regain their momentum in VALORANT Champions 2023, this incident serves as a reminder to all esports participants about the significance of compliance with the established guidelines. It also underscores the role of esports organizations and officials in upholding fair play and maintaining the integrity of the sport.

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In the end, while NAVI aims to secure victories on the competitive stage, they are navigating not only the challenges of the game but also the importance of adhering to the rules that govern it. The outcome of their efforts will undoubtedly shape their journey in the VALORANT Champions 2023 tournament.

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