What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?

What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?
What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?

Do you want to protect the village? Take precautions to prevent the annihilation of your villagers. We will explain how to protect the Village of Minecraft. If you don’t take countermeasures, they can easily clean out, so if you find a village, be sure to do it. A village is a collection of buildings inhabited by NPC villagers

It is available in various lands, such as grasslands and deserts. With villagers living in villages, it is possible to trade to exchange specified items for various other items. Trading is very convenient, so if you get used to Minecraft, you should look for the village.

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Why Protect the Village in Minecraft? 

If you leave the village as it is, the villagers will clean out. Zombies, which are a kind of monster, have the characteristic of attacking villagers, and if there is no countermeasure, zombies will kill them and they will die. Therefore, when you find a village, you need to take measures to prevent the villagers from dying. There are a few things you can do to protect villagers in Minecraft. 

Light Up the Village

When protecting a village, the most important thing is to turn on lights like torches. Monsters such as zombies usually spawn in dark places with no lights. There are some lights in the village, but honestly not enough. Therefore, let’s put lights such as torches in and around the village! Here are some points to keep in mind:

Village Ground in Minecraft

As with most villages, zombies will spawn if there is not enough light on the ground. Therefore, let’s put torches firmly in every corner of the village. It’s a good idea to keep them spaced about 5 squares apart.

Roof of Buildings

There is proper light inside the building, but it is necessary to put a torch firmly on the building. If you leave it alone, monsters will spawn from the top of the roof, so be sure to check all the buildings. If you feel the inside of the building is dark, leave the torch

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Put Up a Fence

Once you’ve turned on the lights for the whole village, let’s put a fence around the village. The fence is 1.5 squares high, so monsters, animals, and villagers cannot climb over it. So it’s safe to use a fence to surround the village.

What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?
What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?

Precautions for Installing Fences for Minecraft Village 

You must take care when placing fences. If it is in the state below the image, it may rarely climb over the fence using the step. Therefore, let’s put up a fence firmly so that it can not climb. In addition, it is good that the range of the fence is the size that encloses the village at the last minute. 

In the newly added raid event (described later), enemies will spawn near the village. Therefore, if the range of the fence is too broad, the railroad may spawn inside the village, so be careful. We will explain other measures that you want to take and protect the village in different ways.

Quarantine the Villagers in Minecraft

Isolate two villagers just in case, even if you accidentally lose a lot of villagers, you can increase the number of villagers as long as you have two villagers. It is good to keep it in a house where monsters do not spawn! In preparation for a zombie attack event, it is good to isolate it in a small place as much as possible. Well, the Zombie attack event will be explained later in this blog post. 

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Sleep Early when Night Comes!

Recommended for those who have just started Minecraft and can’t make a lot of Torches or Fences. Zombies come out at night, so go to bed before the sun goes down completely. Then it will be morning before the zombies appear, so you don’t have to worry about the villagers getting killed.

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Stay away from the Minecraft Village during the Night

This is a method for those who cannot secure enough torches or fences and cannot use the bed due to multiplayer. In Minecraft, monsters will stop spawning at a certain distance. In other words, if you are far enough away from the village, you don’t have to worry about hits even if you don’t take any countermeasures. 

(The distance at which monsters do not spawn is 150 squares or more in the Java version, and about half that in the integrated version.) Also, be careful if the player is underground. If you are in the basement of a village, there is a possibility that the village above ground can become the target. Therefore, when exploring the underground, be careful where you are.

Minecraft Zombie Attack Event 

If you are in a village that has developed to some extent, a zombie attack event will occur on rare occasions. An event occurs when all three conditions are fulfilled. First, 10 or more doors,  second is 20 or more villagers, and third is a 10% chance every night. 

This event will spawn a lot of zombies, even in a well-filled village with lights. With so many zombies appearing, if you are unlucky, your Minecraft village is destroyed. If you do not meet the above conditions, it is possible to avoid it by practicing not approaching the village at night and sleeping in bed as soon as night falls.

However, it’s troublesome to keep paying attention to avoid the event, so it might be a good idea to isolate only the villagers you don’t want to die and leave the rest as you please. In addition, this event will not occur again in the village where this event occurred once.

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What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?
What is the Best way to Defend a Village in Minecraft?

Pillager Raid Event

A new event was added by the Village and Raids update. If you do not take measures, the village is destroyed, So be sure to take measures steps using an event. Let’s take proper steps to protect the villagers. The condition for the event to occur is to enter the village with the status ailment Ominous Premonition. The Bad Omen status ailment will activate when you defeat flag-bearing raiders.

Flag-bearing raiders are available in the newly added Raider Outpost building, as well as among groups of raiders that occasionally appear on the ground. If you can’t deal with it, it’s recommended to drink Milk to cure the Ominous Premonition status ailment. (Milk can be obtained using an empty bucket on a cow.)

What to do If the Minecraft Villagers Vanish? 

If the villagers are no more in the village, unfortunately, the village has no choice but to give up. However, the rare Villager Zombie can return to a villager. Zombies spawn anywhere in the dark, so you can build a village virtually anywhere. 

Once you have healed and secured two villagers, all you have to do is increase them, so if you know how to do it, you can create a village surprisingly easily. However, it may be difficult to obtain the necessary items, so please be aware that you will need to get used to Minecraft to some extent before using this method


In order to protect the Minecraft village, it is important to turn on the lights and prevent monsters from appearing. Light up the village streets, fields, and squares, as well as the rooftops of your buildings. After turning on the lights, surround the village with a fence to prevent monster attacks from outside. Also, it is good practice to isolate two villagers in case they die!

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