Minecraft Guide: How to Make Campfire in Minecraft?

21/09/2022 | Minecraft Guide: How to Make Campfire in Minecraft?
21/09/2022 | Minecraft Guide: How to Make Campfire in Minecraft? | Credit: Mojang

This is a commentary on the tool Campfire that appears in Minecraft. It can available for a wide range of purposes, such as grilling meat, using it as a light, or using it for construction. A campfire (campfire in the integrated version) is a tool that allows you to grill raw meat or fish. A major feature is that, unlike a furnace, it does not require fuel such as coal. In addition, it can also be good as light or beacon.

How to make and Use a Campfire in Minecraft?

A campfire can obtain by crafting 3 sticks, 1 coal, and 3 logs. You can also substitute charcoal for coal. In addition, it is OK to substitute raw wood with stripped bark. To use a campfire, first, place it on the ground like you would a workbench.

Next, hold the raw meat or raw fish you want to grill, and press the button that uses the tool (right click, ZL button, etc.) toward the Minecraft Campfire. Up to 4 can be placed in an area. After that, wait about 30 seconds and the grilled meat or fish is complete and made into an item. You can cook as much as you want without using fuel, so it’s a good deal.

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Features of Campfire

#1. smoke rises: A campfire shoots smoke upwards. (about 10 blocks high). In other words, it will be a landmark, so if you put it at your base, it may be difficult to get lost. By the way, if you place a Hay Bale (craft 9 wheat) under a Minecraft Campfire, the smoke will rise even higher.

#2. Can be good as a light: campfires can also be available as lights. The intensity of the light is 15 levels stronger than a torch.

#3. To extinguish/light a campfire: You can also extinguish campfires. The way to do it is that the water just touches the fire of the campfire. You can erase it on the spot by using a bucket of water.

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You can also reignite an extinguished campfire by using flint and steel. As an aside, in the integrated version (Switch version, PS4 version, smartphone version, etc.), you can reignite it by standing on top of the player with the fire on it.

#4. Bonfire fire does not spread: Minecraft Campfire fire does not spread to other blocks. Therefore, it can be good for architecture such as beauty, and decoration such as fireplaces.

#5. Damage when standing on a campfire: Be careful not to step on the campfire, as you will take damage. Since the damage is only while riding on the campfire, you will not receive damage from the fire spreading.

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#6. Use Silk Touch to collect: If you destroy the Minecraft Campfire as it is, you will get 2 charcoal, so be careful. When you want to collect them, you can use the enchantment ” Silk Touch ” to keep the broken blocks as they are. By the way, the ax is fast when breaking!

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