Top 5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17, Ranked!


Top 5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17, Ranked: Food is essential in survival games like Minecraft, as you must continually fill your hunger meter. Furthermore, the additional effects of food are vital in a fight, especially when the issue is peaceful. This article will list the top 5 best food items in Minecraft 1.17.

5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17, Ranked!

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

The most potent and effective buff items in Minecraft are Enchanted Golden Apples. Some of the most valuable boosts in the game for players are as follows:

  • 20 seconds in regeneration II

  • 2 minutes in absorption IV

  • 5 minutes in resistance

  • 5 minutes in fire resistance

They are only found in chests in Minecraft 1.17 desert pyramids, dungeons, wooded houses, and mineshafts. In PvP scenarios, boss battles and raids of enchanted Golden Apples are beneficial. They can be fed to horses to improve their breeding possibility. Usual golden apples substantially reduce their impact.

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2. Golden Carrots

Golden carrots are one of the most expensive but finest food items in Minecraft 1.17. The creation requires 8 gold nuggets and a carrot. Best of all, this carrot awards you 14.4 points, the most in the game. This can also be obtain via a farmers’ village master level. You can discover without worrying about hunger by trying to keep up with this.

3. Suspicious Stew

This is the most special food in the game, with customized effects based on the ingredient used. Crafting, milking brown mushrooms, trading with an expert-level farmer villager, or looting in a shipwreck are all ways to get the stew.

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Stat-wise, this stew helps restore 6 hunger points and 7.2 saturation points, with a supplementary status effect of choosing. You can obtain five advantageous effects: regeneration, jump boost, fire resistance, saturation, and night vision.

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4. Steak

Minecraft 1.17 Steak is not the most efficient component for hunger restoration but it is the easiest to manufacture. The sale of electronic goods is referred to as “electronic commerce.”. Multiple components are needed for all other food that restores appetite besides steak. Steak restores 8 hunger points, and 12.8 saturation points once crafted. The only disadvantage of eating steak regularly is that you must have a reliable cow farm in place.

5. Bread

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The last item on the list is Bread, in real world its one of the most common food and in game also. Yes, The reason why bread have a position in this list is because it’s easy to create, give a good amount of energy like any other food item in the game. Well, In Minecraft, the only thing you need to create Bread is Wheat and nothing else.

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