How to use Professor League of Legends to beat your opponents?

Professor League of Legends is an app that helps your see detailed records of your opponents.

Professor League of Legends
Professor League of Legends (image via. professor.gg)

Professor.gg or better known as Professor League of Legends is a in-game third-party tool which can be used for a variety of purposes. League has become supremely competitive, and will be getting more so in the coming years. To help players understand the game better and correct their mistakes, several apps have popped up.

Professor.gg is one such app, but it has a very focused objective. The third-party apps associated with League of Legends generally aid the players to make decisions. These can be based on Item builds, lane match-ups, and information on your opponents. Professor.gg offers a focused approach where it helps you exclusively with your match opponents. This means that players can only start using its true function once they got in a game of League.

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Professor League of Legends: All Details

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Once you get into a League of Legends match, you could start using the Professor app. You can use this understand champion matchups, player details like ganking and laning habits, and also recent trends in their matches.

You can start observing the results right on the Champion Selection screen, where you can judge whether you can win lane or not. Several statistics like Enemy win rate, past games, champion mastery, and additional ones like roaming and pushing tactics. These help you to determine which champion to play and how to manage your laner so that you team can get ahead.

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You can find this information about other players as well. Often times there will be a player in your Ranked games that intentionally feeds making games unplayable. Professor League of Legends allows you to see their profile clearly, so that you can avoid these players in your important ranked games. The necessary information is important because players can gauge the skill level and play pattern of their opponents.

How to use Professor.gg?

You can use Professor.gg from their official site or from any background app like Overwolf. For the latter you will directly get the information displayed to you when you enter a champion select screen.

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For the former, players need to copy all the names of players in the lobby from the chat box and simply paste it in the Professor’s search box. You will get all the detailed information about all the players in the lobby after doing so. You can either access a overall review or a detailed in-depth review if you open the profile of another player.

Professor.gg can also be used to track players’ profiles, including their win-loss ration, last few games, champion mastery and much more.

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