How to use Grab in Happy Wheels to your advantage?

Happy Wheels is a challenging game and here is how to utilize Grab skill to its full potential.

Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels (image via. Wallpaperaccess.com)

Happy Wheels is a very fun game for those who enjoy chaotic fun blended into a racing game. The game rose to popularity upon release with many YouTubers playing its innovation and quirky levels. One of the core skills that players need to learn while playing the game is the ability to Grab objects.

Happy Wheels is a challenging game, and gets very difficult as the players go trough difficult levels and obstacles. There are certain objects in the levels that you can use to make things easier and this is where the grabbing skill comes in handy. Players who are new to this might want to know the ins and outs of this skill and that’s exactly what we show.

Happy Wheels: How to use Grab?

YouTube: Freegames66

Grabbing is the skill that players can use in order to pick up objects like boxes, barrels, and more. These will help you in certain tricky levels where using the object gives you a definite boost. Picking up objects might seem easy, but as you are moving about, this tasks becomes quite difficult.

For players who are just starting out, they should practice and get familiar with the grabbing controls. On the keyboard you simply need to press the ‘G’ key when you come near the object you want to pick up. Once picked up, you can use the left and right arrow keys to place the object wherever you want. Learning the controls is a great step to make you adept at doing it seamlessly.

Keep an eye out for the levels where objects are mandatory to help clear it. This might contain a puzzle that requires the help of an object. But practice is key to use the object properly.

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