How to occupy the Biggest Territory in Territorial.io?

Territorial.io is a massively competitive game and here is a small guide for beginners who are looking to get into it.

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Territorial.io is a game where players need to conquer the largest area on the given map. However, there will be a ton of other players competing to do the same. Here is how to occupy the biggest territory in Territorial.io.

Players can enjoy this game both on their mobiles and from their web browser. Although you can play in single player mode, the multiplayer mode is the more competitive and exciting. You need to build the largest empire possible to get the highest scores possible. There are several other objectives, like defeating bordering nations, and exploring new regions. Here is the complete objective of Territorial.io and how to play it.

Everything you need to know about Territorial.io

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The two most important game mechanics that you need to be aware of are Balance and the Percentage Bar. Balance is basically the currency of the game, where players need to use it for all the tasks of expansion and defense.

Balance increases when the player’s territory increases in the game. The balance limit also increases along with the area. It is used for both attacking other players’ territories and also for defensing your territory from invasions. The higher the balance, the better the chance of either one. It also influences the interest income you receive in the game. Using Balance well will guarantee a favorable outcome.

The best way to increase your territory is to invade and obtain the areas of your opponents. The most important aspect of invasion is the amount of balance you have. The total number of troops you can send for the invasion can be controlled by the Percentage Bar, which consumes a similar number of balance. However, you need to remember that defense is also dependent on balance. Defense is more important so you should always use less than half your balance to conduct attacks.

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