How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Max for December 2022

free fire diamond
05/12/2022/Players can collect Free Fire Max diamonds by using some methods/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

Diamond prices are rising as the popularity of the Free Fire MAX cosmetic line rises. The creators release a new event with tempting rewards almost every other day and premium in-game currency is needed. Since not every player has the money to keep buying virtual currency, they look for cost-free options. Fortunately, there are a few trustworthy options that offer premium in-game currency for free.

Every time Garena delivers an official update, a special client called Free Fire Advance Server is also made available. This client enables users to test out the game’s planned additions and offer feedback to guarantee that only the best material is made available with the patch.

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The creators do, however, also operate a bounty hunting program where users may submit reports of blatant faults and glitches and earn more cash. To earn diamonds for their global account, they must report these on the official website.

Free Fire Max Diamonds

Gamers are required to give information about their equipment, clips, supporting photos, and more. However, since the client can only store a certain number of users, accessing it is the users’ main problem. Redeeming Free Fire MAX diamonds vouchers using the official Rewards Redemption Site requires 12 or 16-character codes. These are published during unique occasions, such as esports competitions, and are only available for a brief time.

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Google Opinion Rewards

The most effective way to earn free diamonds in Free Fire MAX is through Google Opinion Rewards. It is widely used by thousands of gamers and is simple to use. People receive surveys after completing the account setup process on the app, which they can complete to earn Google Play Credits. Diamonds can then be bought in the game using these credits.

Gamers can utilize these credits on Special Air Drops in addition to standard top-ups to receive a better deal. Another excellent choice might be a weekly membership.
Users have numerous other options for obtaining free diamonds in addition to the techniques already listed. Players should refrain from taking the wrong path in any case, including using mods, hacks, and other third-party tools.

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There are explanations for this. The in-game currency is saved on the server, not the client, hence these will never actually function. Additionally, employing a third party is against Free Fire’s terms of service, and any accounts found guilty of this infraction will be banned by the creators.

Because the majority of bans are permanent and cannot be reversed, it is always preferable for players to protect their accounts than to regret it. As a result, players should never take the wrong path.

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