How to check your Fortnite Ping to have a smooth gameplay?

Fortnite Ping can be adjusted to get the best possible ping and here is how to do it.

Fortnite Ping
Battle Royale Fortnite (image via. techcenturion.com)

Fortnite is a very popular game, featuring a huge map where players drop into a battle royale. Simply speaking, the last player standing is the victor. Like every multiplayer game, your network connection determines a lot of things in the game. A slow and laggy internet is bound to hamper your experience. To prevent this from happening you can check your Fortnite Ping and reduce it to have a smoother game.

Ping or latency refers to the time data packets require to travel from your PC to game servers and back again. The larger the duration, the more laggy your game becomes. A low ping is required to play multiplayer games optimally.

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Fortnite Ping: How to get low ping with ease?

To get the Victory Royale in Fortnite, you need to defeat a total of 100 opponents. Small intense skirmishes and long drawn out fights are always happening. To properly aim and defeat your opponents, you need a great network connection.

Fortnite has many servers worldwide, and ideally players need to connect to their closest servers to get the most optimal ping. To check the servers for Fortnite Ping you need to note down these data center URLs first:

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  • NA-East: ping-nae.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • NA-Central: ping-nac.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • NA-West: ping-naw.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • Europe: ping-eu.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • Oceania: ping-oce.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • Brazil: ping-br.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • Asia: ping-asia.ds.on.epicgames.com
  • Middle East: ping-me.ds.on.epicgames.com
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For Windows you need to manually input each address to check the regions. The steps will be as follows:

  • Click the shortcut, Windows + R on your Windows home screen.
  • On the box that opens, type in cmd and then press Enter.
  • Enter the following: ping “datacenter url” -n 50 and press enter.
  • You will be able to see the ping of the region you just entered.

How to reduce ping?

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Getting low ping can also include several factors that might be from your side. The foremost is getting a server closest to you. If you still want to get a lower ping you can try out the following:

  • Directly connect to Ethernet: Connecting your ethernet cable directly into your PC will give you a lower ping.
  • Change Router: If you are playing on a wireless setup, you can try to get a higher bandwidth router for a faster connection.
  • If you are getting unstable Fortnite ping, contact your ISP to troubleshoot.
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