How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft: Detailed Guide

If you are looking at how to breed axolotls, then this is for you. Know the details by experts and get the best results.

Breed Axolotls in Minecraft
Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

Minecraft is the game that allows you to measure your limits. You can either set them really low by playing the game casually or you can extend them by fully submerging yourself into the game. One of the ways is to giving yourself the challenge to build something unexpected. Or the other way is to have knowledge about animals in the game. So, today we will give you that knowledge. We will tell you,” How to breed Axolotls in Minecraft”.

You see, there are a lot of mobs in the game. However, Axolots are the latest added Mobs in Minecraft. Once they were added they became the favourite of the players at the very beginning. Since then players are begging to learn about the Axolotls in Minecraft.

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What are Axolotls in Minecraft?

Axolotls are Amphibian-based mobs in Minecraft. They were added in the game after the Minecraft 1.17 Update of Caves And Cliffs. They usually belong to a Salamander family and they have unusual Makeup on their face. This makeup makes them very cuter and players’ favorite.

How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft?

The axolotls are just like any other animal mob. They are non-hostile and very cute! They usually live inside the water for the most. However, they can come out of the water but they can not survive for very long there. They are players’ favorite and players try to have the rarest Blue Axolotl in Minecraft.

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To Get the Rarest Axolotls in Minecraft you have to Breed the Axolotls in Minecraft. However, that is not easy as it seems to be. To Breed them:-

  1. You have to get two axolotls in a water body.
  2. Then get them close to each other.
  3. Now, get tropical fish in the bucket.
  4. Use the tropical fish and feed that to axolotls.
  5. That is how you Breed Axolotls in Minecraft.

Breeding Axolotls to get Blue Axolotl:

So, now you must be wondering that you have done the breed of axolotls. It is time to get the rarest axolotl. Well, it is not that easy. The chances of you getting the Blue axolotl: the rarest axolotl in Minecraft is only 0.5%. That is like trying 1000 times and getting 1 success.

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However, the Blue axolotl is the rarest in the game and to get that, you either use a command which is not that impressive. Or you try to breed axolotls in Minecraft. In either way, the chances of getting the rarest one are quite low.

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