Harbor Valorant: Role, Abilities, Story, Leaks and More

Harbor Valorant
11/101/2022 | Agent 21 of Valorant has his name announced. He will be named ‘Harbor’ in Valorant. With the fierce look and strong glaze, the agent looks strong. | Credits: Valorant

Valorant Agent 21 in the end has a name. The rushing South Asian agent goes with the aid of the title of Harbor. And two brief teasers dropped by way of Riot Games additionally exhibit a glimpse of his water-bending competencies and high-tech gadgets. The upcoming controller has been teased for almost a month. Thru developer posts and Easter Eggs in the exercise range.

A fugitive on the run, he has supposedly stolen an effective artifact, and now each REALM and the Valorant Protocol are making an attempt to tune him down.

Harbor will be the game’s first controller since Astra was added in March 2021. A lengthy late addition to the Valorant roster. After almost a month of cryptic messages and teasers. We can now put identity and face to Valorant’s upcoming controller. Harbor makes his first look in a Livestream from a roadside restaurant or Dhaba. In the middle of the recording, water from a glass starts off evolving levitating towards a mysterious determine on a rushing motorcycle.

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What Can We Expect of Harbor in Valorant?

The video offers a glimpse of Harbor’s water abilities, which have been hinted at during more than one teaser. A 2nd clip indicates a small round system being launched from the aspect of a motorcycle. It bounces once, then seems to top itself to detonate. We don’t get to see the aftermath on screen, however, so it’s no longer right away clear what the machine does.

That said, Riot’s announcement picture for Harbor may additionally supply some clues, the place a spherical bubble can be considered in the back of the parent of him on his bike. This is perhaps his signature capability that leaked back in August. According to that leak, Harbor’s signature capacity is known as Bubble. Which approves him to the area down a dome that can block bullets. The bubble in the photo additionally has very acquainted ripples on it. Comparable to the visible impact on Astra’s Cosmic Divide wall. Any other bullet-blocking capacity. When you hearth at it.

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There is additionally a wall of water in the back of him. Which used to be first viewed in the Easter Egg from Cypher’s workplace in the exercise range. The accompanying photo from the audio file additionally confirmed 5 REALM troopers going through a water wall. Which is reminiscent of Viper’s Toxic Screen. Finally, in the heritage of the image, we can see a flooded metropolis in the throes of some kind of environmental catastrophe.

It is nonetheless too early to inform if Harbor will be considered a hero or villain. However, we’ll get to research greater about the new agent when he’s launched in Valorant Episode 5 Act three someday in a subsequent week.

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