God of War Ragnarok and Defeating Nidhogg in Minecraft

God of War ragarok
05/12/2022/Players can defeat Nidhogg in God of War Rognarok Mineraft game/Credits: The untouchable wild Gaming YouTube.

Since the game was first announced back in September 2020, God of War Ragnarok has taken the gaming industry by storm and lived up to fans’ expectations. Numerous awards and nominations followed the game’s December 9 release, and it received plaudits for its voice acting, motion capture, combat system, and—most importantly—its compelling narrative.

The boss battles in Minecraft God of War Ragnarok are just one of the game’s many redeeming features. Although many people regarded its predecessor as the “game of the generation,” it was not without faults.

One of the biggest oversights was the absence of bosses, which are a staple of the God of War universe. Ragnarok has resolved the problem. Nidhogg, the legendary monster that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the sacred tree, is one of the game’s best boss fights.

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Minecraft God of War Ragnarok

One of God of War Ragnarok’s most masterful set pieces is the encounter with the Nidhogg boss. Players can get a sense of the ferocity and scope of boss battles in earlier games because to Nidhogg’s enormous size. Players of God of War Ragnarok will be happy to know that, despite its size, the beast is vulnerable to both standard attacks and in-game quick-time events.

In the first stages of the boss battle, Nidhogg attacks Kratos with melee weapons. In one of its attacks, it lunges forward and tries to bite Kratos; in another, it lowers its enormous claws. The tail strike, which does impact damage as well as a significant amount of Bifrost damage, is the phase’s most damaging attack.

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Fortunately, players can avoid this by striking with their shield when a blue double ring flashes. The first phase concludes shortly after as Kratos and Nidhogg come to a standstill as Freya tries to take back her human form in Vanaheim. As soon as this occurs, she joins the battle and supports you. Nidhogg departs from its spawn location and slithers off before coiling up against a nearby wall.

Defeating Nidhogg

As soon as you regain control, the beast launches additional assaults, each of which you must avoid depending on the colour of the ring around it. The second attack, which is unblockable, is a claw assault from the dragon using realm tears.

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Then, as its next unstoppable strike, it shoots a ball of debris infused with Bifrost at Kratos, drawing the debris into its belly to spin the rocks into a vortex. The attack keeps popping up and gets stronger and more often as the conflict goes on.

To inflict the most harm on the beast, keep firing Freya’s symbol arrows into its belly whenever it expands. Once an arrow is lodged in the animal’s guts, hurl the Leviathan axe at the target area to set off a deadly explosion. The creature’s health will be depleted by a few of these, which will also trigger the dramatic cinematic that will ultimately result in Nidhogg’s demise.

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