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Roblox Backstreet Boys
01/12/2022 | Roblox has brought the Backstreet boys outfit into the game. And it has broken the internet. | Credits: Roblox

The Backstreet Boys are on Roblox and have added some exciting gadgets for gamers to attempt this Christmas season. Sadly, the crew is now not a web hosting any tournament like Sir Elton John. They entered the platform thru a crew known as Backstreet Boys Official and have delivered many add-ons for sale. While their save has 19 paid items, they have collaborated with the builders to supply away free choices as well.

This article will supply you with extra essential points about the sport and the related free merch. While many gamers have wondered about the existence of any such no-cost offering, it has been demonstrated that it exists and can be bought very easily. The manner of buying the paid objects stays the same, and each is defined below.

Backstreet Boys Items in Roblox

The free apparel object is known as the Backstreet Boys Christmas Sweater. It can be received with the aid of taking part in a ride referred to as Backstreet Boys! City Life, created by way of any other crew referred to as Simple Games Incorporated.

Players do not have to spend a lot of time in recreation to get this sweater, and buying paid objects is even quicker.

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How to Purchase the Backstreet Boys Items?

You can follow these steps to buy the items in Roblox:

  • Begin by opening the Roblox application on your preferred device. It can be a laptop or a smartphone running Android or iOS.
  • Next, sign in to your Roblox account using the username and password that you created.
  • Once logged in, you will see the homepage of the game.
  • Click on the hamburger icon on the top-left side of the screen and scroll down to click on the Groups option.
  • Now, search for the group using the name – Backstreet Boys Official.
  • There are many groups with the same name. As such, you must ensure that you enter a group owned by BackstreetBoys.
  • You will be able to see the About tab selected where the group’s information is visible along with the comments section.
  • You will need to click on the Store tab.
  • You will see all 19 items there. Click on the one that you like.
  • Next, click the green Buy button and pay the price in Robux.
  • The item will be added to your inventory immediately.
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Listed below are the paid items available in the store:

  • Backstreet Boys Holiday Skirt – Red – 90 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys AJ – 20 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Howie – 20 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Kevin – 20 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Brian – 20 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Nick – 20 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Holiday Skirt – White – 90 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Fanny Pack (3.0) – 75 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Fanny Pack (1.0) – 75 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Holiday Cropped Hoodie – 100 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Christmas Bows – Blue – 60 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Lunchbox – 50 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Christmas Bows – Red – 60 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Brian’s Hair – 75 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys High Ponytail with Scrunchie – 75 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Nick’s Hair – 75 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Ornament Headband – 65 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Christmas – 80 Robux
  • Backstreet Boys Holiday Band T-shirt – 80 Robux

How to Get the Free Backstreet Boys Christmas Sweater?

Users are already familiar with how to enter the game and start playing. These steps will focus on the quest:

  • Open the Roblox platform and start the game – Backstreet Boys! City Life.
  • The game will take you through a quick tour and showcase the entire map.
  • There are many quests like building an office or working at a selected service like a fireman, police, etc.
  • To get a free sweater, you will have to step out and find ice.
  • Once near the ice, you will notice a pile of ice balls. You will need to approach the pile and press E on your keyboard to pick it up.
  • Next, you must use the mouse and aim at another person in the game and throw the ice at them. NPCs are not counted.
  • You will have to throw the ice at least 10 times to unlock the Backstreet Battle badge.
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Once you have earned this badge, you can exit the recreation and take a look at your profile for the badge. You can additionally head over to the Roblox inventory, where you will discover that the sweater has been introduced to the listing of accessible items.

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