How to Get Free Valorant Twitch Prime Skins in 2022?

Want to claim some free skins in Valorant? Here are complete details about prime gaming drops of Valorant.

Valorant Twitch Prime Skins
Riot Collab with Amazon Prime Gaming

Valorant Twitch Prime Skins: Riot games have partnered with Amazon to provide free loot and prime skins to their players via Twitch Prime. Moreover, prime users can collect free rewards for themselves by just joining the Valorant stream. In order to get these free Valorant loot, players must have a subscription to prime gaming offered by Amazon.

So, here are complete details about how to claim these premium skins for free in Valorant.

Valorant Twitch Prime Skins: How to Claim it For Free in 2022?

Free Gun skins in Valorant
Free Gun skins in Valorant

Riot launched the 5 vs 5 tactical shootout game in 2020. Furthermore, the game has just completed one year and has gained a lot of popularity. Players have to select agents and win 13 rounds in order to get a victory. Also, there are more than 14 agents in the game and a total of 5 maps.

Often, beginners players are forced to play with the default skin which is not a very good thing. Moreover, players need to buy gun skins by spending some valorant points. However, one gun skin might cost you somewhere around 1000-1800 Valorant points and not everyone can afford it.

So, to make these things easier for players, Riot has introduced this Twitch Prime feature to get new skins in the game. Moreover, there are 2-3 things required from players to get these skins. First, there asked to link their prime gaming account with Riot ID. Second, players must have a prime gaming subscription, and they need to watch Valorant streams to receive a drop.

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What is Prime Gaming and How to Receive Valorant Loot From It?

Amazon rebranded Twitch prime and renamed it Prime gaming. Moreover, players can buy the twitch prime subscription and experience both platforms’ gaming experiences.

In the past, Twitch Prime always came up with these unique ideas of gifting free skins to viewers. Furthermore, Riot has always been a fan of the feature and their League of Legends fans have already experienced this feature. And now, it’s time for the Valorant players to collect some free skins in the game via Twitch Prime.

Also, games like Rocket League have also provided their players the feature to receive in-game drops which turn out to be exciting prizes.

How to Link Riot ID with Prime Gaming?

Riot announced the Prime gaming loot
Riot announced the Prime gaming loot

Players need to be logged in from both accounts and make sure both of them are linked. Moreover, after getting a prime subscription make sure you have linked your twitch account with the Riot ID to claim the free skins from prime.

To link you’re account follow these steps:

Step-1: Login to Twitch

Step-2: Go to the connection page in settings and select Riot ID. Make sure you are linking the ID which you use to play regularly.

Step-3: Click on Connect button and then press Authorize.

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Now, both of you’re accounts are linked and you’ll receive free prime loots in Valorant. But what kind of skins you will receive or what are the different things you have to do, in order to get these free skins in Valorant.

Different Ways on Twitch Prime To Claim Valorant Skins?

Mission bar on Twitch page
Mission bar on Twitch page

There are different missions that Twitch offers in order to claim free drops. Moreover, while watching their favorite streamers, they can do several activities to receive these drops frequently. Once, you have linked your account with Twitch prime there are few more things to claim a good amount of Valorant loot drops.

Once, a player completes the specific mission claim button pops up in the chatbox and players can click on that blue button to claim their free rewards. So, let’s have a look at the different missions and where we will find these drops:

Step-1: Once you have claimed the drops from Chatbox, go to Drops inventory page to find them

Step-2: Go to Inventory

Step-3: You’ll find the Valorant prime loot and every skin which you have claimed by completing missions

Different Missions on Twitch Prime to Get Valorant Skins

Inventory in Twitch Prime
Inventory in Twitch Prime

There are different channels that offer these free rewards and skins for watching. Moreover, when you’ll open the twitch it will show that claim rewards from here.

Most of the rewards are time-based and players need to visit the specific streamer on that particular time period to claim these free Valorant loot. Also, there’s a bar which shows the percentage of mission completed. So, it becomes easy for players to know that how much they have to watch to claim their rewards.

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Rewards And Skins in Valorant

Valorant skins are very popular among the players and most of them have at least one. So, to add more players can simply join the Valorant streams on Prime gaming and claim their rewards from loot.

Some of the rewards are buddy in Valorant. Moreover, Buddy is an ornament-like structure that is used on the guns just to look good. Also, depending on the time watched, players can get these structures for time-limited or for permanent.

Furthermore, there are two types of gun skins in Valorant. One is a simple one, with some new look and some new colors on it. The second one is premium skins which have a unique crosshair, unique sound, very different kill animation, and many more. Moreover, players can get these types of skins by Valorant points and the twitch prime provides the simple gun skins and loot.

However, there are rare cases where Twitch gave the premium skins for free.

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