Free Valorant Prime Skins 2021: How to Get it?

Here are all the methods to claim prime skins in Valorant for free or by spending less Valorant points as compared to others.

Valorant prime skins
Premium Skins in Valorant

Valorant Prime Skins: Valorant was launched back in 2020 and it has been one of the most popular games since its launch. Moreover, the game tries every possible thing to engage their audience and keep engaged. (thermi.com) There are many prime skins in the game including some upgradable skins. Prime gaming is one of the ways to claim these prime skins for free in Valorant.

So, here are all the methods to claim these premium skins for free in Valorant.

Free Valorant Prime Skins 2021: How To Claim For Free?

Valorant prime skins
Reaver Skins in Valorant

Riot developed a 5 vs 5 tactical shootout game unique from any other games which were developed. Furthermore, there are several agents in the game which are used by the players to play the match and win rounds. Every agents have different abilities which players use in order to win rounds.

Valorant has introduced a lot of skins in these one year including some prime skins. Additionally, there are some normal skins with some color plates and many of them are premium skins. Prime skins include some insane variety of crosshair and kill animation.

One of the favorite premium skins in the game is named Prime skin in Valorant. Moreover, there are many more skins like Elder flame and Forsaken. So, can we claim these skins for free? Here are few methods to claim these prime skins for free or by spending a lowValorant points.

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Agent’s Contract

Valorant prime skins
Omen Ghost Skins

Valorant offers some cool skins for players for free of cost. Furthermore, players can activate the agent’s contract in order to get skins. Most of these skins are of pistol and are only available in one color. So, these skins are not actually the prime skins in Valorant but they look good when used.

Moreover, this is one of the easiest ways to claim these free skins in the game. Players can activate the contract and just play games in order to complete the agent’s contact. Every agent’s contract offers different skins of Pistol. For example, Cypher’s contract offers Ghost skin whereas Yoru’s contract offers Sherrif skins.

Valorant Prime Gaming 

Valorant Prime gaming
Riot Collab with Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon prime has rebranded Twitch’s paid subscription Twitch prime and renamed it Prime gaming. In a recent announcement, Valorant offered their players some prime skins just by watching live streams of Valorant on Twitch with prime gaming subscription.

Prime gaming recently announced that players can link their accounts in order to claim these in-game rewards. Also, most of the skins offered via Prime gaming are normal skins but there are also chances of getting the premium skins. Moreover, players just need to enjoy the stream and click on the claim button which becomes available in the chat after a few times.

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Here are the following steps to link your Twitch account with Riot ID:

Step-1: Login to Twitch

Step-2: Go to the connection page in settings and select Riot ID. Make sure you are linking the ID which you use to play regularly.

Step-3: Click on Connect button and then press Authorize.

Players will find their rewards in the Inventory section of Twitch.

Battle pass

Battle pass
Sage With a Phantom Skin

Valorant players can buy the Battle Pass in order to obtain some prime skins for a low cost. Moreover, the skins available in the pass are cool and their colors can be changed. However, few of them are premium skins and there is a whole bunch of different skins.

The battle pass costs 1000 Valorant points every ACT and players can redeem these skins just by playing games and completing missions. Every Episode has 3 acts which mean there will be three different battle pass available in each episode.

This is another way to claim the Valorant prime skins for low cost and make a good collection of all the skins. As we all know, how expensive are knife skins in the game but the battle pass can give you these skins for a low cost.

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Valorant Skins
Skin in Valorant

Several websites claim to provide Valorant points and free skins in the game. Moreover, these websites ask for some details and complete a few missions in order to get free prime skins in Valorant.

Furthermore, most of the websites are not legit and are just made for scams. Also, there are applications like Buff which will give you buff coins when you play the game. Players can use these buff coins to redeem the gun skins and items in the game.

Buff is a legit way to claim the prime skins in Valrant and players can collect buff coins to redeem them. Moreover, players just need to play the game, and Buff will automatically detect your game stats and give you coins.

The Buff coins can’t be redeemed in some of the areas including in India. Furthermore, they have claimed that the redemption will be resumed soon for the players in all regions.

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