Free Fire Removes FAMAS-X Gun Temporarily from Battle Royale

Free Fire Removes FAMAS-X gun
Free Fire Removes FAMAS-X Gun Temporarily

Garena Free Fire has updated that it has removed the new FAMAS-X assault rifle gun from the Battle Royale mode. The creators have mentioned that there is a bug with the weapon.

But they have not stated the exact reason for the elimination of the gun. But one thing is sure that FAMAS-X will get reintroduce immediately after bug fixation.

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Garena Free Fire: About FAMAS-X Gun

FAMAS-X is an upgraded variant of the original FAMAS rifle, which has been part of the game for some time. This is the only rifle that has “burst fire,” which is why it stands out from other assault rifles in Free Fire.

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The weapon fires three-round with the push of the fireplace button. Players need to press the fire button many times to make the weapon fire.

FAMAS-X is not the most accessible weapon to use in the game. It is deadly in the right hands. It can’t provide a very high wire-rate when used, but it is very accurate in the long-range.

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FAMAS-X is pretty much like the original FAMAS. The only difference is the use of “FAMAS Trident Bullets.” It enables every bullet fired from the weapon to handle other damage.

FAMAS-X was too overpowered for the game. This weapon was also added in recent OB26′ Project Cobra’ to the classic mode.

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Have other creators done something like this?

This isn’t the first time that creators have un-released a game feature. Activision was expected to launch a new Perk for Call of Duty: Mobile called Overkill, which enabled players to bring two primary weapons. But creators removed it later.

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