Free Fire Rampage 3.0 New Dawn Event Announced

Garena Free Fire announced the Rampage event for the third year running. Read the article to know about the event in full detail.


Free Fire Rampage New Dawn
Free Fire Rampage New Dawn

Garena Free Fire is one of the most friendly mobile games in the world. The developers give the users a world-class gaming experience. Garena gives daily redeem codes to the users. These users can win eye-catching rewards like Character skins, gun skins, remotes, and much more. But today we talk about an event that will take place for the third straight year so we call it Free Fire Rampage 3.0. The name of this year’s event is Rampage: New Dawn. Let’s discuss in detail the Free Fire New Event Rampage: New Dawn.

All About Rampage through the years :

The Rampage event is back for the third successive season. The game name of the first campaign was Rampage: Redemption (2019). The game name of the second campaign was Rampage: Uprising(2020). This year the game name is Rampage: New Dawn. On June 9, users will be able to download the tune, which is also known as ‘Rampage.’ Previously, Brazilian DJ Alok and DJ KSHMR partnered with Garena’s battle royale on “Vale Vale” and “One More Round,” respectively. (zolpidem) Garena is collaborating with two famous DJs Β Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for Free Fire Rampage 3.0. On June 9, users will be able to download the tune, which is also known as ‘Rampage.’

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How to Enter Free Fire Rampage 3.0 event?

Rampage New Event - Rampage: New Dawn
Rampage New Event – Rampage: New Dawn

The users will be able to enter Rampage: New Dawn’s futuristic oriental city on June 18. They can also assist Rajah, Speedy, Drake, and Aurora in escaping the facility. They were being held hostage there for a mutation program. In Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Users will compete for the captors while using the Phoenix Skyboard, Shadow Earthshaker Bundle, and Black Tortoise Pan to customize their avatars. The Shadow Earthshaker Bundle ( male costume bundle ) is one of the awards for signing in and completing missions during this event.

How to explore the available characters?

Reminder On June 26, All the users can explore the available characters. However, Rampage: New Dawn also allows users to collect runes on the map, similar to the battle royale mode. They will also get runes, which will allow them to use the character’s special abilities. Moreover, there are approximately twenty different features that can be employed to make conflicts more fierce. This is all about Free Fire Rampage 3.0 i.e Rampage: New Dawn.

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