Free Fire Max Pets: Everything you have to know

Free fire pet
19/12/2022/ Players can utilize Free Fire Max Pets while playing the game/Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

In Free Fire MAX, pets are essential. They have special skills that are comparable to those of the many characters included in the game, so users can greatly profit from them.

To provide users with more alternatives, Garena has continuously introduced new Free Fire Max pets with each new release. On the Indian server alone, seven distinct pets have been made available since the year’s commencement.

Free Fire Max Pet Yeti

Yeti is one of the favorite pets and was already published in 2021. But it is available for Indian sever players after January only. The above-mentioned pet has a wonderful ability named “Frost Fortress” that reduces explosive damage by 15% every 150 seconds. The level will be increased for up to a maximum of points. It helps to decrease thirty percent of damage every ninety seconds.

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Flash Pet

Flash has become a well-liked character in Free Fire MAX, and its “Steel Shell” talent is a favorite in the battle royale game. Its cooldown is 150 seconds, though. At the highest level, there is a 25% damage reduction and a maximum durability of 150. Also, the cooldown has been shortened to 90 seconds.

Zasil Pet

After the OB33 update, Zasil became playable and has a talent called “Extra Luck.” After taking one inhaler, medicine kit, or repair kit, users have a 25% chance of getting another one. There is a 120-second cooling time, though.

Finn Pet

After the OB34 patch, the shark-inspired Finn pet was added. There is a 120-second cooling period for the skill. The pet’s speed boost lasts for 5 seconds and the cooldown is reduced to 90 seconds after it reaches the highest level possible in Free Fire MAX.

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The Hoot pet with the “Far-Sighted” skill debuted in 2022 as well. The range and duration are both increased by 10 meters and a second, respectively, when users use a scanning item or skill. All the results will be shared with teammates after some time only.


This year’s sixth pet to be added to Free Fire MAX, Fang, has the “Wolf Pact” talent. When a teammate is knocked out by an adversary, the ability gives the user 10 EP or 5 HP depending on whether their HP is full. After each use, there is a 40-second cooling period.

When the pet reaches the top level, players can either receive 30 EP or 15 HP, depending on whether their HP is full or not. The cooling time will also be cut down to 25 seconds.

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Avron, the newest pet to join Free Fire MAX, is a powerful creature. With the “Binoculars” skill, enemies can be located within a 50-meter radius of their current location. Teammates are informed of the findings, which last for three seconds. The skill can only be used once per game, though.

Once players level up their pets, the length will increase to 6 seconds, and the match usage cap will triple.

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