Fortnite X Witcher Crossover Leaked featuring Ciri

If rumors are true then you can look forward to a brand new Fortnite X Witcher collaboration which features Ciri.

Fortnite X Witcher
Ciri from Witcher (image via. ign.com)

The news of a Fortnite x Nike collaboration already has the players excited, but now a brand new collaboration seems to have been leaked by dataminers. According to the rumors there will be a Fortnite x Witcher collaboration where Ciri will be the main focus.

Fortnite already had a Witcher collaboration in the past update this year, with a Geralt cosmetic, Roach glider, Steel Sword pickaxe, and more releasing with it. This next collaboration seems to focus on Ciri, so getting her as a playable cosmetic might be a possibility. Along with that, players might get a special questline that will give several themed items once they complete it.

Fortnite x Witcher Ciri Edition Leaked

YouTube: Fortnite Soul

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The leak was made by trusted Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, which points towards the release of the event very soon. According to the leaked image, the set is Code named “Aware Lesson” and will feature a variety of cosmetics. The set might also feature a themed glider and also a pickaxe.

However, the official dates for the release are not certain yet. But fans can speculate that it might coincide with the Netflix show’s third season, which will start airing on June 29 2023. The event might arrive in the game one the same day or a bit later. Players can expect to see a chain of quests that will help them unlock the cosmetics for free.

Fortnite Wilds is the current update, so the gliders and cosmetics might be themed in a similar manner, since Witcher is all about hunting cryptids. Players can expect more news on the topic in a few days.

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