Fortnite x Uncharted! Everything You Need to Know About Skins

New skin and Uncharted

On February 17th, the launch of New Video Games and a Movie version of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer by Fortnite will begin. Moreover, it will be Fortnite x Uncharted collaboration Skin too. Everyone is looking towards Fortnite Uncharted new launch and waiting for 17th February to come. An Epic teasing began about Fortnite Uncharted Collaboration, by sending treasure maps to some selected content creators. Later, they solved the riddles on it and finally revealed the new Skins. Exciting, right!

Launch Date and New Adventures in Fortnite

Firstly, the Collab will officially release this month, on 17th February, 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT. Secondly, as soon as the coming will comes, everyone will wake up to a new Map. Thirdly, its name is Drake’s Map, which will work as Chapter 1 of treasure maps. Lastly, I’ll make players go on a hunt for ‘The Buried Treasure”.

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It will be a Fruitful loot to put in your inventory!

New Shop Items You Will Have
Here are some that will come in recently, so expect them to pop up anytime soon on you!

  • The skin of Nathan Drake
  • Bling Back of Chloe’s Pack
  • Chloe Frazer Skin
  • A Second-Hand Axe Pickaxe
  • Updated Journal Emote
  • “New” Seaplane Glider of Sully’s

Because of fans’ enthusiasm, the puzzle map was solved quickly. Players got over the password-protected barrier on the website asap that EPIC couldn’t release the Trailer too. also, let’s be fair: “sicparvismagna” is a very easy password to have if you really know the game.

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A fun fact for fans: This is also the second time Tom Holland’s appearance in here after his first one being in Spider-Man! so, we may even have a third too, maybe this or next year.

Keep an eye out for New and Upcoming events, skins, packs, and links regarding Fortnite and other games that we offer insights on. We’ll have much more coming in this year and so on in the upcoming years too. Looking at what we started with, this will be a wonderful year for fans!