Fortnite X Nike: What is the Collaboration About?

The Fortnite X Nike collaboration has been speculated to be a lot of things, but what exactly is it?

Fortnite X Nike
Fortnite X Nike Airphoria (image via. Nike Twitter)

Fortnite is well known for its many collaboration over the years, with different games, brands, and even certain content creators. A strange but intriguing collaboration has been unveiled by Nike and Fortnite, as the leaks suggest that this might be about NFTs. The Fortnite X Nike “Airphoria” collaboration is the rumored event and its contents might surprise you.

Nike and Fortnite are no strangers, as they have collaborated many times in the past. The news of the new collaboration was leaked on LinkedIn, and a small trailer has almost confirmed this event.

Fortnite X Nike Airphoria: All We Know till Now

A few of the data miners (notably iFireMonkey and HYPEX) have speculated that this event will release on June 20, 2023. Fortnite will be undergoing the v25.10 update, and the crossover might be available right after the servers become available again.

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The trailer revealed the collaboration of Fortnite and Nike Air Max with Airphoria being the official name of the event. Apart from the date, everything has been left undercover for now.

YouTube: FortniteBRFeed

The details are vague but the Fortnite X Nike collaboration might brings some amazing cosmetics to the in-game Store of Fortnite. With every collaboration, Fortnite gets ample amount of themed cosmetics with every collaboration with Back Blings, Gliders, Weapon Skins, and Skins being released. These cosmetics might be available on the Store, or players need to complete certain quests in order to unlock them.

There is also a possibility of Fortnite bring in a Fortnite Creative Map because of the trailer showcased Unreal Engine. There are also rumors of it being a NFT hunt inside Fortnite but it is not confirmed yet. The possibilities for this are endless and we will only know the details once the official update is released.

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