Fortnite New Custom Map Code Pays Homage to Barbie and Oppenheimer

There is a new creative island in Fortnite and it features the hilarious combination of Barbie and Oppenheimer.

Fortnite Barbenheimer
Fortnite Barbenheimer map (image via. YouTube: Squatingdog)

Fortnite has certainly evolved to be more than a game over the years. A clash and mash of culture, internet memes, and fun is what best describes the game. Naturally, there has been some development since the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer this week. A Fortnite New Custom Map is out, and it features a mash-up between these two highly anticipated movies.

Barbie and Oppenheimer were released on the same day in movie theatres across the globe. Naturally, the contrast between the two movies were a source of many memes on the internet, as several movie goers attempted to watch the movies in strict dress codes. The memes have also made their way to Fortnite, as players have used the Creator islands powered by Unreal Engine to make a customized map.

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Fortnite New Custom Map: Experience Barbenheimer Fortnite Style

YouTube: Squatingdog

The fusion between the two movies was made in accordance with the thousands of memes that were shared over the month before its release. Moreover, fans have also enjoyed watching the movie one after another for the stark contrast between the two. This has resulted in a very creative and humorous game mode by a Fortnite creator.

The Creative mode in Fortnite has always been an outlet for the strange crossovers that the official game lacks. All of them are the brainchild of someone who really wanted to make the map and give others an experience a certain theme. You are only bounded by your own creativity in this mode, and this new crossover is certainly one of the most creative.

A Fortnite Creative island player named Squatingdog has released a brand new custom map where players can experience the dynamics of both the movies in one place. The map is not that big, but just right for a casual game mode. Moreover, its layout is a complete circle where one side is themed around Barbie and the other around Oppenheimer. The Pink and pastel colors of the Barbie side are vibrant, and to contrast that the other side is dark, war-torn, and gloomy. In short, the map does do a very good job at depicting the themes of both the movies.

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It will be a Gun Game mode where players can experience the FPS to its fullest on this quirky map. If you want to access the map you can put in the following code: 0347-5540-6538 in the creative map section.

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