Fortnite Gold Mushroom: Where and How to Find Golden Mushroom?

Fortnite Gold Mushroom, a very rare item, falls in the mythic category of Fortnite item shop. Since it is very hard to track a gold mushroom, we have prepared an easy guide to find and use a Golden mushroom in Fortnite.

Fortnite Gold Mushroom
Fortnite Gold Mushroom

Golden Mushroom aka, Gold Mushroom in Fortnite, falls in the mythic category of Fortnite item shop. Moreover, the golden mushroom is a very rare item. In addition to this, Gold mushroom spawns in rare places of Fortnite. So, it is very hard to track a gold mushroom. That’s why we have prepared an easy guide to find and use a Gold mushroom in Fortnite.

The Golden mushroom first came in the v13.20 update of Fortnite. Since then, players have fallen in love with the Fortnite golden mushroom. Also, its rarity is another fact that makes the players more impatient to get it.

What is the Golden Mushroom in Fortnite?

The Gold Mushroom or Golden Mushroom Fortnite is a spawning item belonging to the Battle Royale. It is very hard to find a gold mushroom in the game. It comes with a 0.00001% chance to spawn.

Some pro players have also stated that it is impossible to track a gold mushroom. So, you require some special techniques and advance gameplay to find a gold mushroom for yourself.

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Why You Should Have a Gold Mushroom?

Well, by now, you must wonder why you should put your hard work into finding a gold mushroom. The answer is that it provides an amazing shield power to you during any combat. If you own a golden mushroom, it boosts your shield power to 100 times.

So, this is the main reason that every other player in Fortnite craves to get a god mushroom. Below in this article, there is a complete guide to get a god mushroom for yourself.

Where and How to Find Gold aka Golden Mushroom in Fortnite?

Before you jump in to get a golden or gold mushroom for yourself, keep in mind that it may take a lot of time to find it. So, maintain your patience throughout the process of finding a god mushroom. Below given are the two methods for obtaining a golden mushroom in Fortnite.

  • Method 1: via Battle Royale
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Now you have to search for either a swampland or forestry. After this, the most difficult task is to find it anywhere. You have to search for it near trees, bushes. Also, you can get a god mushroom inside the water.

  • Method 2: via playing in Creative Mode

Here you will get tones of mushrooms. But you have to hunt a golden mushroom from all of these regular mushrooms. But keep in mind that you have to invest your time and hard work to get a gold mushroom.

Players must note that in order to make the most out of this rare golden mushroom, eat it instantly to take the shield bonus.

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