Fortnite FNCS will be giving out 4 Free Rewards this August!

Fortnite FNCS will be rewarding the watchers with 4 unique cosmetic drops throughout the whole tournament.

Fortnite FNCS
Fortnite FNCS (image via. fortnite)

Fortnite is abuzz with great content right now, as a new season draws near. There are also some tournaments that will kickstart the month, and regular players also stand to win some goodies. Fortnite FNCS rewards will be available to the whole player base and will give 4 separate cosmetics!

The month of August will be great for Fortnite players. Chapter 4 Season 4 will be coming out that month, along with the FNCS tournament. It will be livestreamed and players who watch will be rewarded amply.

Fortnite FNCS rewards: How to claim them?

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Cosmetics in Fortnite are hard to come by if you do not spend money on the game. The majority of all cosmetics are either obtained from the in-game store or the Battle Pass. Both require you to spend some amount of money, so free items are very rare.

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As per leaks, the tournament will giving out rewards at different points of its duration. The rewards will be activated from the end of July and will continue on till late August. The current rewards and date list is as follows:

  • July 29-30: Raptor Rider Spray
  • August 5-6: Lush Moves Screen
  • August 12: King Me-ow Emoticon
  • August 13: 8 Lives Down Screen
  • August 20: FNCS Protector Backbling

The first will be a spray of Lorenzo riding a raptor. There is also an interesting art for a pickaxe in it. The second reward will be a loading screen, which closely resembles the tournaments color themes along with the theme of Wilds in Chapter 4 Season 3. There is another emote and loading screen in the next two drops.

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The last one is the best, and features the FNCS Protector Backpack with amazing details.

How to redeem the rewards?

Redeeming these rewards is very easy. Players simply need to watch the live streams on the mentioned date for 15 minutes. The items will be automatically sent in-game to player’s accounts if they are eligible.

You should get it for free when you can, as it is not know yet whether they will bring it back in the Store sometime.

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