Fortnite Double Movement: What is it and How to Obtain it?

Fortnite players often wonder about Fortnite Double Movement and How to obtain it. Read the complete article which is wholly dedicated to solving your queries related to Fortnite Season 6 Double Movement.

Fortnite Double Movement

Fortnite players often ask the questions like “What is Fortnite Double Movement?” and “How to get it?’ in the game. We have prepared a complete article wholly dedicated to solving your queries related to Fortnite Season 6 Double Movement.

However, this movement feature got removed by Epic Games Fortnite. But, players were not happy with this move and want this feature back.

Subsequently, the new update of Fortnite Season 6 might contain this feature.

What exactly is the Fortnite Double Movement?

Players having computers use a trick called Fortnite Double Movement. It generally helps to perform a typical kind of movement using their Fortnite Avatar.

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In this movement, players use controllers and duplicate the style of a walking player.

How to obtain this Movement?

Fortnite Double Movement
Double Movement

In the Double Movement, players use the joystick to control their directions and motion. Moreover, it is much easy to use a joystick as compared to a keyboard in the game.

This is because players have to work on the left, right, back, and front keys on the keyboard at the same time. But, as we all know Fortnite players are pro at finding solutions to each problem.

Therefore, they use the double keys to get movement like that of a joystick using a keyboard. By doing so they can get this movement with keyboard and mouse.

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But later on, Epic Games banned this movement. So, players are limited only to use a single movement.

Still, the Double Movement is not available in the game. But players can use third-party applications to get this feature. Under these apps, players have to connect the keys with a controller emulator.

According to BenjyFishy if players use ReWASD and Keys2xInput they can get the double movement. So, such apps emulate a joystick on the keyboard.

No doubt you can use such apps to get Fortnite Season 6 Double Movement. However, you have to practice a lot to master it.

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