Fnatic Valorant Roster Announced with Big Names for VCT 2023

Fnatic Valorant Roster
12/11/2022 | Fnatic has announced its roster for Valorant 2023 season. In Pic Mini (coach on left), Boaster (team IGL on right). | Credits: Fnatic

Valorant is coming into a new generation for the expert scene with VCT 2023. As the Partnership Program is tested to be the coronary heart and soul of the match for the subsequent 5 years, franchised groups are continuously on the lookout for new talents. Fnatic is one of the partnered rosters out of the 10 that were chosen through Riot Games. With that being said, the roster has made a few adjustments and is now equipped with new individuals in the squad for the dawning of VCT 2023.

With 2022 accomplishing a conclusion shortly, most franchised and non-franchised groups have been gearing up with exceptional gamers and coaches for the upcoming competition. Fnatic has been in the driver’s seat as the company was once one of the pinnacle preferences for the Partnership program. The group has established its roster in advance for the subsequent 12 months with a brief clip on its reputable Twitter handle.

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Fnatic Welcomes New Members to Valorant Roster

Fnatic effectively secured a slot in franchising alongside some famous EMEA organizations, particularly Navi, Vitality, KOI, and Giants. With the organization’s reputed background, the crew used to be on the lookout for robust talent.

On November 10, 2022, Fnatic introduced their remaining roster for the upcoming VCT with the affirmation of Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov becoming a member of the team. The former M3C participant additionally made his mark whilst taking part in Gambit Esports in 2021. Chronicle normally switches between Agents like Chamber and Raze. However, has additionally been viewed as taking part in Jett.

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Fnatic’s active roster rests with the following players:

  • Jake “Boaster” Howlett (IGL)
  • Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev
  • Emir “Alfajer” Ali Beder
  • Leo “Leo” Jannesson
  • Timofey “Chronicle”Β Khromov
  • Jacob “mini” Harris (Coach)

On October 16, Fnatic signed Leo from Guild Esports, exceptional addition to the crew in advance of the upcoming VCT. With 5 robust players, the group is in a gorgeous structure to begin our subsequent year. The roster already homes gamers like Alfajer, who is regarded to be an absolute powerhouse.


Their mixed performances should lead the EMEA group to victory as the squad has the upset attainable to win it all. The Partnership Program is going the play a most important position in the Valorant expert scene for the subsequent 5 years. Aside from getting chosen for franchising. Groups have to make positive they have the fine of the gamers on the roster.

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With that being said, it can be assumed that Fnatic’s contemporary lineup will be a recipe for victories. The EMEA company was once one of the few groups to announce the validated roster way late. Other famous groups from the equal place have established their remaining roster, with NAVI including cNed in their group.

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