Esports Gaming Platform: An Initiative Turned Reality

Air Force Gaming has 14,000 active users, currently. The debut of its own Esports Gaming Platform with the help of GamerNet is finally happening. Read the article to know about everything that helped lead to this achievement.

Air Force Gaming
Air Force Gaming

Air Force Gaming or AFG debuted as the first-ever Global Esports Gaming Platform for the US Air Force, back in November 2020. However, this competitive framework didn’t even exist until recently. It has successfully unified Air Force Personnel through the power of gaming.

Around 80% of men and women serving in the US Air Force identify as gamers. Subsequently, people aging from 18 to 35; spend at least 10 hours a week playing Video Games. However, all of this began with the arrival of the Air Force Gaming League.

This league connected Air and Space forces from eight different US bases, operating under the Air Force Global Strike Command. Most importantly, they aim to cover every single Air Force Base in the United States.

According to Col. Marc Adair, “Air Force Gaming’s mission is to create an inclusive gaming organization for Airmen of all ages, ranks, and backgrounds. We are confident that by establishing a unified hub for community and competition, Air Force Gaming can help promote resiliency, retention, teamwork, and mental well-being for service members around the world.”

Air Force Gaming Inspires GamerNet to Facilitate an Esports Gaming Platform for the Air Force

Esports Gaming Platforms
Esports Gaming Platform

The Services Center wanted to create a stable platform by getting the network running for the Air Force. Therefore, they partnered with a Tech company that has specialized skills in developing esports infrastructure called Rally Cry.

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Subsequently, this unified hub is now able to harbor more than 14,000 active games since its first launch. This is a proud moment for airmen and space professionals who also identify as passionate gamers.

In addition, GamerNet has made it possible for servicemen stationed at the Al Udeid Air Base to play certain licensed video games. They expanded by creating purpose-built servers in numerous locations in Qatar.

Senior Airman Skylar Harrington, the developer of GamerNet was inspired by AFG teams and events in the US. Moreover, he was successful enough to build a network out of the 379th Expeditionary Communications Squadron’s Dark Fiber. He also assembled proof-of-concept servers in his free time.

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In addition, alongside Mr. Harrington, Tech. Sgt. Eric Klusman used cabling in order to create the first gaming location. However, they were also helped by other airmen who set up equipment for fiber connections. This ensured that the Local GamerNet Network only transfers information between specific computers.

Air Force Gaming League
AFG League

On the other hand, they are hosting their first Championship featuring players from Europe, the USA, and Asia. However, this will only be broadcasted on official their official Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels.

The programming of the platform is currently only available to men and women in the Department of the Air Force with a valid .mil email address.

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The Complete List of Games that GamerNet has Currently Offered Access to

Esports Gaming Platform for Air Force Gaming
Fly Game Win
  1. Team Fortress 2
  2. Left 4 Dead 2
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  4. Quake III Arena

However, the squadron is looking forward to expanding its database by welcoming new games. Air Force Gaming has a bright future ahead because this is a project initiative that has immense potential for growth.

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