Destiny 2 Promo codes for June 2023: Weapon, Shaders and Emblems!

Here are the Destiny 2 Promo codes for unlocking emblems, shaders and Grimoires!

Destiny 2 Promo codes
Destiny 2 Promo codes (image via. YouTube: Throneful)

Destiny 2 is a massively popular game with a cult-like fanbase globally. The game has several cosmetics that the players can obtain, either by playing, or by redeeming it from codes that appear from their parent company. These codes are free to use and can give you a variety of cosmetics, if you redeem them on time.

There are Destiny 2 codes that are divided into groups according to the rewards that they give. There are emblems, weapon cosmetics and also shaders that you can obtain. However, the codes cannot be directly redeemed from Destiny in-game. You need to redeem them from Bungie, the creators of Destiny.

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Destiny 2 Promo codes for June 2023

The promo codes currently in use in Destiny 2 are as follows:


  • 3VF-LGC-RLX: Insula Thesauraria.
  • 7CP-94V-LFP: Lone Focus, Jagged Edge.
  • 7D4-PKR-MD7: Sequence Flourish.
  • 7F9-767-F74: Sign of the Finite.
  • VA7-L7H-PNC: Liminal Nadir.
  • D97-YCX-7JK: Crushed Gamma.
  • PHV-6LF-9CP: Countdown to Convergence.
  • L7T-CVV-3RD: Heliotrope Warren.
  • PKH-JL6-L4R: Tangled Web.

Shader Codes

  • RXC-9XJ-4MH: Oracle 99.
  • 7MM-VPD-MHP: Double Banshee.
  • JVG-VNT-GGG: Emblem in support of the people of Ukraine.


  • CN-HCD-TGY: Destiny Collector’s Card – Fallen: Riksis, Devil Archon
  • HDX-ALM-V4K: Destiny Collector’s Card – Destination: Cosmodrome
  • 473-MXR-3X9: Destiny Collector’s Card – Enemy: Hive
  • JMR-LFN-4A3: Destiny Collector’s Card – Destination: The Ocean Of Storms, Moon
  • 69R-DDD-FCP: Destiny Collector’s Card – Destination: Meridian Bay, Mars
  • 6A7-7NP-3X7: Destiny Collector’s Card – Destination: Ishtar Sink, Venus
  • 6A9-DTG-YGN: Destiny Collector’s Card – Vex: Minotaur
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How to redeem the codes?

YouTube: Jho

You need to redeem the codes directly from the parent website of Destiny 2. First of all you need to visit the website here. You can find the redemption process to be very easy. You simply need to copy-paste the codes on Bungie to redeem the rewards. You can access the rewards once you open Destiny 2 after the redemption.

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