Cyprus Nell Outfit Free. How to get it? Fortnite Season 5

Cyprus Nell Outfit for Free
Cyprus Nell Outfit for Free

We are here with everything you need to know on how to get Cyprus Nell Outfit Free in Fortnite Season 5. Cyprus Nell is a Galactic Ranger which will soon be available in Fortnite stores for the players. But here is the excellent news. Players can get Cyprus Nell Outfit even before it is in the Item Shop. Additionally, players will be able to get Cyprus Nell Outfit free.

Cyprus Nell comes with a soldier theme. He belongs to a Reese skin. Moreover, this is a powerful male skin that comes very handy during intense fights.

Everything on how to get Cyprus Nell Outfit Free

Players can get Cyprus Nell Outfit free by participating in the ‘Cyprus Nell Cup Tournament.’ It will take place on March 11, 2021. However, players have to take part in duos. This tournament is in the arena format. Furthermore, each region has its time-table for this tournament along with a distinct ranking system. Scoring System for Cyprus Nell Outfit is:

  1. Victory Royale: Sixty points
  2. Elimination: two points for each
  3. For other ranks: a range of 1 to 54 points
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Each team of duos can play a maximum of ten matches. Along with Cyprus Nell Outfit, players will also get Quantic Pulsar Back Bling. So, players can play for ten matches in three hours.

iFireMonkey’s tweet related to Cyprus Nell Outfit:

Top Galactic Rangers will earn the unreleased Cyprus Nell outfit before it hits the Item Shop!”. The list of ranks for each region to get Cyprus Nell Outfit and Quantic Back Bling as prizes is:

  • Brazil:1st – 250th
  • Asia:1st – 125th
  • Oceania:1st – 75th
  • Middle East: 1st – 100th
  • Europe:1st – 1,125th
  • NA East:1st – 575th
  • NA West:1st – 250th
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