Fortnite Star Ceeday Returns After an Eight-Month Absence


Ceeday returns

William “Ceeday” Wilson is one of the most adored Fortnite creators worldwide. Despite his fame, however, the creator hasn’t posted many videos. His last video was released on August 27, a Saturday 8 months after his first video. Fortnite’s star Ceeday Returns after an Eight-month Absence

While inconsistent with the content he uploads, Ceeday’s Fortnite star still garners millions of views through his videos. Tuesday’s video of August 27 has received nearly 4 million viewers in just two days. It’s a remarkable achievement. Check out Fortnite’s Loot Sharks.

As is expected, many Fortnite players are delighted that the famous creator of content has returned. It is also likely that he’ll disappear for a few months again, which means the next one could be released in 2023.Fortnite’s star Ceeday Returns after an Eight-month Absence. What about Fornite Marvel Skins?

Tuesday is Back and Still Highly Well-known-Fortnite star Ceeday Returns after an Eight-month Absence

For the entire length ofย  Chapter 3, Tuesday has released just two video clips. The first video in this chapter came out on December 26, just a few weeks after the chapter’s publication.

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After the video was released, the creator fans were thrilled, hoping they would see him continue to play. Since Chapter 3 brought many new features to the game, including a brand new map, Ceeday’s fans believed this was enough to keep Ceeday playing. But, soon after, it was discovered that this wasn’t likely to be the scenario.

Luckily, the well-known Fortnite YouTuber has recently returned to Fortnite due to Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Super collaboration. In his most recent video, Tuesday played with the brand-new Mythic items, including the Kamehameha energy attack. Kamehameha power attack. Remember to read Fortnite Fan Favourite gun Return.

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Unexpectedly, the YouTuber got millions of views for his most recent video. Many followers follow him regularly and are eager to view his videos.

In December 2021, Tuesday declared that his objective was to obtain his hands on the Diamond Play Button from YouTube. The award is only given to creators of content who have reached 10 million users on YouTube. Because he currently has over 7.3 million users, he may get there in a year or two.

The creator of the content also stated that there could be some bumps in the process and there could be a chance that he disappears again. But, he said, the content creator will always return. Know why Fortnite UFOs are a major problem.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration is About to Come to an End

Due to the widely-publicized Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration, The battle royale game has seen a massive increase in gamers. While the collaboration is fantastic enough to allow Ceeday back for a short period, it will be over shortly, unfortunately.

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Epic Games will release the v21.50 update for Fortnite on August 30, when the massive collaboration is set to close. Since this is the final major update for Chapter 3, Season 3, Epic will likely make additional additions to finish the season.

The players are given until August 30 to complete the challenges and earn their Shenron glider. After the update comes available and the challenges are completed, they are no longer accessible. From August 30, this Shenron glider will be available through in the Item Shop in the future.

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