BGMI Update: Will the game get changed significantly?

The new BGMI update might feature some new changes as Krafton had been working with the Indian government to release the game again.

BGMI Update
BGMI (image via. BGMI)

BGMI’s release is getting nearer as new small updates keep releasing daily. But the game might get changed due to laws passed by the Indian government. We discuss the possible changes that the BGMI update might make to the game overall.

BGMI has been banned since last year by the Indian government. This move came under an Information Act passed by the government that put up several issues with the game. Krafton was forced to remove the game from the play store and also close the servers. Since then BGMI players have been awaiting eagerly for its return. There are some changes that will surely come to the game, to censor and limit the playtime. We discuss about these changes extensively.

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BGMI Update that might change the game forever

BGMI’s new update has brought joy to many gamers in India, but has also raise speculations about the game itself. the game might not be the same anymore, due to some major changes that will follow the unban.

The Indian government will monitor the game for the 3 months of its release. This will be a testing period which will determine the future of the game in Indian servers. It will initially be released only for a period of 3 months, so players must remain aware that it can be removed temporarily or permanently after that.

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Another important aspect that might change is the removal of blood from the game altogether. Earlier, the red blood had been changed to green, but it can get removed altogether with this update. It is still unclear how damage will be recorded, but that will be released in the future update.

There might also be a timeout feature added to curb users from playing for long hours. This has been speculated because the Indian government had earlier made complaints about the addictive nature of this game. It is unclear whether this change will only be targeted towards minors or everyone, but this change won’t be surprising.

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However, all of these changes are merely speculated and no confirming evidence has been revealed as of yet.

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