BGMI Server updates (24th May 2023): When will the server be up?

As BGMI nears its new release in India, we take a look at BGMI Server updates and any related news of its release.

BGMI Server updates
BGMI returning to India (image via. peakpx.com)

BGMI servers have gone down once again after the announcement of a bigger and better experience. Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set for a grand return in India after being banned last year. With news of a new release, we take a look at the current BGMI server updates and when it will be up for players.

The game had gone offline in India after the government decided on its ban in July last year. However, Krafton had been trying their best to bring back the game to its huge Indian audience. With repeated efforts, the game is all set to make a reappearance with 19th May 2023 stated as the day of return. But as of yet, there has been no new revelation about BGMI from Krafton, as players are still in the dark on its return.

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BGMI Server Updates: Current Status

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Krafton had announced the return of the game on 19th May 2023, but as of yet the servers are still down. Upon opening the game Indian players will be met with a notice stating that BGMI servers are still down as Krafton is preparing for bigger things in the next update. You cannot access the game as of yet because the servers are not online.

No further news has been revealed by Krafton as players await its return to the Indian Play Store. After the BGMI server updates, you need not worry about your progress, as your account settings will be carried forward to the next update.

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When will BGMI’s new server release?

BGMI server updates: Krafton
Krafton (Image via.Krafton)

Although there has been no new update from Krafton’s side, the strongest rumor is that the game will release this month. This speculation is further aided by a News post delivered on the official Krafton website on 19th May 2023 stating that the game will soon be available for download.

If you are a fan, you must keep an eye on the official Krafton Website for any news or updates on the matter.

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